Friday, 23 May 2014

Three Days?

Yes, it's only been three days since I said I was taking a break from blogging for a while.  Thankyou for all your comments on that post.  It was nice to know I would be missed a little bit.   I have managed to spend a little less time on the internet, and caught up with some much needed sleep.  However, the garden still needs some attention.  Apart from watering it with a rapidly disintegrating hosepipe (the puppies have been chewing it) I haven't done much else with it.

I did pick a few of the green tomatoes that have appeared and made some chutney.  I also pickled some red cabbage.  Mr A came home late one night, slept, then went down to the land in the village and picked some apricots so I made some jam.  That was a bit of a disaster though, as I left the pan bubbling on the cooker.  Went off to do something else and came back to find it had boiled over.  The entire top of the cooker was a sticky mess and the jam had burnt and stuck to the pan.  I did manage to rescue enough  for three jars, so all was not lost.

All the dogs are well.   Monty, who has sensitive skin, developed a nasty sore on his neck this week.  I'm not sure how it happened.  He could have been scratched or bitten by Tommy or one of the pups, but it's more likely he has reacted to the Paraband collar so it has been removed.  I had some antibiotic cream amongst my large collection of medication for the dogs, and having used this for 4 days, it is clearing up nicely.  I will now need to get Frontline for him as I know he doesn't react to this.

My friend Gwen came over from Selcuk for the weekend, armed with chewsticks for the dogs which she had brought from England.  She took a real shine to Tommy and he adored her.  In fact he cried at the gate when she left.  Bless him.

Megan, Sammy, Blondie and Freddie are in desperate need of bathing.  The soil here is red and with the rain we had in recent weeks they have become very dirty.  This is a task which I just can't manage on my own, and will have to wait until Mr A has time.....that could be a long wait, so in the meantime I am brushing them every day, which is better than nothing.   He is working around 17 hours a day over in Gumbet, but he is earning enough to steadily  pay for the car.  If this continues, it should be paid off fairly quickly, then we will be able to save his earnings for the winter.

The puppies are growing rapidly. Every day I have to adjust their collars.  They are just adorable.  They will be having further vaccinations next week, and as they also seem to be maturing quite quickly, I will have to have Melek spayed, and Chas and Dave neutered quite soon.  I am off to see Mehmet the vet today to get a quote for all vaccinations and ops. He always gives me a good price but I think it will be between 450 and 500 lira, and there frankly is no spare money to cover this, so again I am asking for your help.  Anything you can manage will be very gratefully received (the Paypal button is at the top of my blog).    At the moment, I can't afford to supply any more sacks of food to the industrial estate and village dogs, but I know that they are being fed scraps, so will not worry too much about them until we start the feeding programme again in October.  Hopefully by then we will have managed to save some more money.

So it was only a 3 day break, but sufficient to re-charge my batteries.  Blogging becomes part of our lives doesn't it?  Impossible to stay away for too long!


  1. It is interesting isn't it, the way that blogging has become part of our lives. Even if I don't post for a few days, and sometimes weeks, it is still part of every day's routine, to look to see what others are doing. I report to Mark, most days.... of Ayak's dogs woke her again last night, or Mr A managed to get home, or Perpetua's camper van needs fixing..or even, just that Rosemary's garden is looking amazing. Sometimes commenting gets left....but reading is part of every day ! Take care Jxxx

    1. I wonder what Mark makes of all these stories Janice? I must admit I do sometimes mention a blogging friend and what they are doing to Mr A. He looks a little confused but humours me! I have to own up to having skimmed through other peoples' blogs this past week and not left comments. I need to get back to normal and set aside some time to really catch up. Yes it's a daily ritual for me. First I check my emails, then my blog reading list, then Facebook. That's usually a couple of hours gone before I realise it! xx

  2. All my sympathy for the dog washing problem....the rains have started here and they come in from the garden looking like refugees from the trenches....and don't even think about the state of the floors!

    Leo loves reading the blogs....I keep hoping that he will start one himself, but I suspect that his hands are just too paralysed to make typing more than a couple of sentences painful.

    1. Oh I can imagine the state of the floors Helen. Thank goodness my four big dogs don't come into the house.

      It's a shame Leo can't do a blog. I did notice somewhere, although I can't remember where, that you can programme your computer to type to voice recognition. Hmm I'll have to search again for this...would be the perfect solution.

    2. I was right. This is the speech recognition info for use with Windows 7 which I have, but I think it is possible with other set-ups. Any way here's the link on how to do it:

    3. Super....he's on Windows 8 (computer with Windows 7 having blown up last week) but I'll check this out and we'll give it a whirl!
      Ayak to the rescue again!

    4. Yes it works for Windows 8 as well. Go to your control panel and click on "Ease of Access", then "Speech Recognition", and follow instructions. I now remember where I saw it. I was checking everying on my control panel when I had problems with my connection last week, and spotted it. Good luck!

  3. So pleased that everything is working out well as regards work for Mr A. He is an exceptionally hard worker and perseveres against all odds. Hope he'll earn enough to meet both your plans.

    Your doggie rescue work is admirable.

    Was really frustrated to read about the sticky goo on the stove. That's the kind of thing happens to me.
    Yesterday I accidentally tossed a full carton of yoghurt into the air & managed to crush it between the fridge door & my hand and the stuff went into every crevice you could imagine and seeped under carpet. Such a mess to clear up & will probably smell horrid for a while.
    It's all you need when you're in a hurry!
    Luv Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Ah another one who has these messy mishaps Maggie. Awful isn't it? And I bet if you're anything like me, of you have one accident, more follow quite quickly!

  4. It's taken me longer to have chance to read this than you were away on your blogging break, Ayak. :-) My mother-in-law has been sleeping in the spare room which doubles as my office, so it's only now I can get back to reading and commenting properly.

    I'm so glad Mr A has a job which is actually paying and enabling you to pay off debts and then save. I hope it's not too long before he can come home for a visit and help you bath your messy dogs. They really are dirt magnets, aren't they?

    1. Thanks Perpetua, I haven't seen Mr A for a week now but at least he is earning, which is the main thing.

      Oh the dogs are so messy. I'm trying to ignore it but it's difficult. Hoping I can get them bathed soon xx


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