Monday, 23 June 2014

Monday photos

5 motherless pups that David found and fed. Yesterday we took them to Torba dog shelter, so now they are safe.

The black dog Mr A rescued and now adopted by one of the hairdressers, showing Mr A her appreciation!

If the hairdresser gets fed up with this one (now called Zeytin) I have a feeling Mr A will be bringing her home.

Very relaxed on Mr A's feet!

Do you remember how tiny the pups were when they first came to us?  Here they are with Monty.....just look at them now.....

Monty and Tommy on the left.  The pups are now bigger than them.

Saving the two best photos until last......My beautiful daughter with Jimi


Billy out for a stroll!



  1. Fabulous photos Ayak....Jimi and Billy take the prize for the best ones of course...but those pups....and the one who may come your way if the current carer stops caring, come pretty close. Jx

    1. Well the photos themselves aren't brilliant Janice, but the subjects are!

  2. Well done, David and Mr A with those dog rescues. As for your family - they are all gorgeous. :-)

  3. The puppies are adorable but your grandchildren are just gorgeous! What lovely photos. Nice to see you're doing well. Been on hiatus but I'm back now. hello again!

    1. Thanks Cross the Pond. Nice to see you back xx


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