Sunday, 1 June 2014

This week

 All the dogs are doing well.  Monty's neck which was very sore last week, has been cleared up using an antibiotic cream.  It would seem that the Paraband collar was the most likely cause.  All the other dogs are fine with them, including the pups,  but Monty's skin is very sensitive.  As it is now getting warmer by the day, I will also start to use a sunblock on areas like his ears.  Those of you with white cats and dogs, will know that they are prone to skin cancer, if the areas without hair are not protected.

I managed to track down Mehmet, the vet, this week by phone.  I had intended to go into Milas to see him, but I am having back pain problems at the moment, and the bumpy dolmus is the last thing I need.   When I spoke to him he was clearly upset and told me that one of their dogs, a tiny one called Peggy, had died that morning.  I was very sad to hear this. Peggy was a funny little thing.  Very similar to Tommy in temperament.  She would always bark furiously when we entered the clinic, and dash around in circles chasing her tail.   She will be greatly missed.

So Mehmet and I communicated by email.  I will be collecting the vaccinations for the pups this coming week, including the rabies jabs.  We discussed the spaying of Melek and neutering of Chas and Dave, and he thinks that this can be done when they are around 7 months old.  This is fine for the boys, but because I want to avoid Melek coming into season (and this can sometimes happen earlier than anticipated) I will try to arrange for this to be done sooner.   She will have to go into the clinic for her op, but the two boys can be done at home.  Once again my kitchen table will be used for the ops, with me assisting, as we did with Freddie last year.

As always, Mehmet tries to keep costs down for me, but the total for all vaccinations, Frontline for Monty,  and all three operations, will soon mount up.  Thanks to a couple of donations last week, I almost have enough to cover this. 

I also received an email this week from a couple who live in Izmir.  They don't like to use Paypal to donate, so they ordered a 15kg sack of dried food and sent it by cargo.  It was very much appreciated.

Mr A continues to work in Gumbet, from around 9am until midnight every day.  He is unable to get home very much, but did make the journey on Friday night, or rather early hours of Saturday morning.   Just as well, as Blondie had managed to escape yet again.  If you saw how secure the perimeter of the 4 big dogs' area is, you would wonder how this was possible.  But she always finds a way.   I don't worry about her being outside because I know she will always come back at some point, but whilst she is away, all the other dogs bark furiously, and this keeps me (and probably the neighbours) awake.  So when Mr A arrived home, Blondie heard the car and came back.   Mr A had a few hours sleep, then secured the area once again.

We then drove into Milas to stock up with shopping, and whilst doing this I had a call from the cargo office to say the sack of food had arrived from Izmir, so it was good timing and we were able to collect it. 

Transport is a problem for me when Mr A is away.  I don't like to rely on him too much, and I recently bought a shopping trolley to get what I need from Milas.  I have a feeling though, that dragging this up the steep hill the week before last, was probably what damaged my back.  The shopping trip yesterday by car enabled me to stock up with essentials which will hopefully last until Mr A can get home again.

And that's pretty much my week.  It's not exciting, and I was unsure about posting today, but you probably all know that feeling of leaving blogging for too long, then finding it difficult to start again. So writing about mundane things, at least stops me from giving up altogether.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Definitely don't give up! I need to know how things are, Ayak....So sorry your back is giving you problems - it affects just about all movements (except perhaps typing?) and makes life very difficult. And poor Mr A has very, very long days doesn't he...gosh.
    Pippin's wound opened up quite badly yesterday as we had a lot of people here and he got quite excited,..all the week's hard work and careful attention for nothing...although the extreme sides of the wound are definitely healing well. But the centre part is on the inner bend of his 'elbow' and that's where he lost a chunk of skin, so I don't think re-stitching will help at all. We're going to pin him down and clean it out well today and keep him confined to cage. Fingers crossed it will be OK but it's slow...
    Take care.

    1. Oh poor Pippin. I am going to message you on Facebook Annie and try to put you in touch with Karen who runs the Turkish Animal Group. She had a dog she rescued last year who had been involved in a bad road traffic accident and his wounds on his legs were down to the bone with hardly any flesh. This is of course much more severe than Pippin but she nursed him back to health over about 3 months. There was something she used along with daily dressings to help the healing, so I'm hoping she can give you some advice. xxx

  2. Not every week can be full of excitement...thank goodness!
    Funny how there is always a Houdini in a group of dogs....with us it is the Costa Rican King Charles Corgi - Ploss - who can wriggle through anything to appear grinning alongside you just as you think you have the whole pack banged up...and yes, when he is out the others all start barking too, but luckily we have no one close enough to be disturbed.

  3. Yes you're right Helen. There's always one. In our case, two, because if possible Freddie will also find a way out, but he can't jump the heights that Blondie can, so now the wall is higher he's stuck, much to his annoyance. Every time Mr A secures the area, he says she can't possible get out now...and she always does. He's aiming to build the wall even higher next winter!

  4. Don't ever give up your blog. I have been following your trials & tribulations with great interest over the last two years and would miss you greatly if you did. My love affair with Turkey started in 1997 and continues to this day. Sadly my big love with my Turkish husband ended tragically but did not put me off visiting Turkey regularly. I am full of admiration of how you have probably sacrificed a lot to be with Mr A and how you have adapted to your life there. You write a very authentic big hearted and honest account of your life in a foreign country [ which I know a lot about and understand the difficulties from your perspective). Just want to say I am a big fan. Good luck and best wishes in all you do xxxx

    1. Hi and welcome to my blog, and thankyou very much for your lovely comments. It isn't always easy living here is it? But I wouldn't live anywhere else now. I do feel the positives far outweight the negatives.

      (You posted under "Anonymous" and I wonder if you have the same problem as others with posting any other way. If you comment again, just stick a name at the end of your post, so I know who it is) xxx

    2. Poor Peggy.
      It is good to get the males neutered and hope Malek doesn't come into season before you can get it done.
      You are really hands on with everything and to be greatly admired.

      I find I couldn't pull a trolly because of chronic back problems but I can push one of those with four wheels and there is lots of room inside.
      Maggie x

      Nuts in May

    3. I think those push trolleys are good Maggie and would be very useful for me on a flat surface, but getting one up this hill would probably do more damage to my back!

  5. Sorry to hear your back is troubling you, Ayak. Please don't go trying to push anything uphill or it really will get worse. (I speak from experience).

    And please PLEASE don't give up blogging. Our lives can't always be interesting -far from it, but that doesn't matter. To me the best blogging is about everyday life as well as memories and ideas about other things. You and Helen were my two main inspirations for starting my own blog, so don't you dare give up. :-)

    1. I realised pretty quickly that pulling the shopping trolley up the hill was the worst thing to do, so won't be attempting it anymore. I am having to stock up with heavy shopping as and when Mr A can get home for a couple of hours.

      I don't seem to be blogging quite so much at the moment Perpetua, but I'm pretty sure I'd find it hard to give up altogether xx


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