Saturday, 21 June 2014

This week's update

The temperatures are rising here and as usual I'm staying out of the sun as much as possible.

The dogs are doing the same and I don't blame them.  Monty has had some kind of infection on one of his toes, which I have been cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and applying an antibiotic cream.  It is gradually clearing up.  Sammy seemed to have some kind of muscle sprain on his neck/shoulders a couple of days ago, and was crying a little when he bent forward to eat.  He was still jumping about so I assumed it was nothing serious.  I massaged his neck and shoulders yesterday and today and he seems OK now.

My neighbour Sevke's young chickens are finding their way into our garden, which is very annoying.  At the top end they are eating the tomato plants (I had no idea that chickens ate plants), and if they get through the chickenwire in the bottom garden they are munching the flowers.  I have been in and out constantly chasing them back into Sevke's garden.  I know when they're around because the puppies, Monty and Tommy see them and bark furiously.

Mr A has already spoken to Sevke about this.  She sits outside all day so she must see them coming into the garden.  She seems to take no responsibility for them at all.  We recently bought some chickenwire with small holes, to use around part of the dogs area.  He suggested to Sevke that she get some the same to keep her chickens in, and she agreed.  We actually have a whole unused roll left which cost us 50 lira.  He asked Sevke if she would like it, but when he said she would have to pay for it, she declined.   I interrupted Mr A to say "don't you dare just give it to her" because I know he would have done.   Honestly, people in this village make out they have no money, but Sevke has just had her balcony enclosed with walls and uPVC windows which must have cost a fair amount.  I'm all for helping out when people are less fortunate than us, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

So the chickens continue to come into the garden.  Mr A suggested I let the dogs down into the front garden to chase them back, but I can just imagine it being a bloodbath and not something I want to experience.  However three days ago there were about half a dozen chickens in the front garden and I went down and took Tommy with me.  Brilliant move.  He ran around herding them up and chased them back into Sevke's garden.  He didn't try to catch any of them and once they had gone, he accepted that his job was done.  So this will be the solution from now on.

You may recall Mr A persuading his boss to adopt a street dog which I mentioned in a previous post HERE.   Well he's done it again.  Another dog has appeared and one of the hairdressers is adopting him.  I have provided worm tablets and a Paraband collar, and enough food for a few days.  His new owner will get him vaccinated. 

My friend David who lives near Mumcular, is very much a dog lover like me.   He recently discovered a couple of litters of young pups in a wooded area on the road into Mumcular. There were approximately 8 or 9 of them.  He has been feeding them but is concerned for their safety.  There is a landfill on the other side of the road where packs of big dogs live, and pretty soon these pups are likely to wander in that direction.

I went into Bodrum early on Friday morning and decided to meet up with David on the way back to go and see the pups.  I took some worm tablets, flea spray (which I had used on my pups when they were very small) and some immune booster paste.  When we arrived only 4 pups appeared. We gave the tablets, sprayed them, fed them, and David put down some containers with clean water.

At the moment, David is making contact with someone who was recommended by a Facebook friend of another Facebook friend (networking is the key!) and we are hoping that this person may be able to take the puppies.   If this works out, I will go over and help David to round them up and get them to safety.  No news as yet, but I'll keep you updated.

I now have an appointment next Friday for Melek to be spayed.  The three pups are now 5 months old and it's essential we get Melek done as soon as possible.  I had been worried about how I was going to get Melek to the clinic and back.  Mr A is here rarely, and never at a convenient time, and Mehmet the vet is so busy that I don't want to ask him to collect and return her.  David has come to my rescue, and is going to drive over and collect us.  Melek will have her op and we will then bring her home two hours later.

I am so grateful to David for his help.  It's great having a friend who cares as much about animals as I do.  And he's brilliant company too!


  1. Chickens..don't tell me! Not for nothing do I think of them as the last of the T rexes when it comes to plants!
    And they can seem to squeeze through anything to get in and then refuse to get through an opened gate to get out!

    Thank goodness for people like David...responsible animal lovers!

    1. It's a good job I have Tommy to round up the chickens and send them packing.

      David is a real star xx

  2. Chickens and gardens don't really mix. Well done Tommy for rounding them up. Well done David too for helping

    1. We were thinking of getting chickens ourselves last year. Good job we didn't

  3. Thats good you have a friend like David....a responsible sensible man with a heart. That's cute with all those chickens sneaking in and Tommy.....being a good lil' guy and rounding them up.
    I love chickens, if ever I win the Lottery I always wanted a farm with chickens.
    Hope Sammy and Monty are on the mend.
    Take care and stay cool.....xx

    1. Well I've given up on keeping chickens Erica. Too many problems with neighbours' chickens!

      Sammy is completely recovered. Monty's paw is taking a little longer to heal, but probably due to him licking it so much. I've tried putting a dressing and bandage on it, but of course he soon manages to get it off. It is certainly no worse though xx

  4. Chickens will eat just about anything, Ayak, so thank goodness Tommy is acting as such a good chicken-herder. With Mr A being away so much, I'm so glad you have a friend like David who understands your love for your dogs and can lend a helping hand.

    1. I never realised chickens ate everything Perpetua. Tommy is doing a grand job. David is a star. We're lucky to know him x


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