Sunday, 6 July 2014

3am Sunday morning

This has been quite a week, one way or another, as you will know from my previous blog posts.

Mr A finished his job at the salon on Friday night.  As so often experienced here, he has worked very hard to earn money.  He only gets paid 10% commission, and with the results he had over just 45 days, the boss should have been delighted at what was going into his pocket.  But that's the point really.  Like most other bosses, he would rather keep it ALL in his pocket.

Mr A has had to fight to be paid (and thankfully he has been paid all he is owed).  But this man was also treating Mr A dreadfully.  Shouting and ordering him about and humiliating him.  The youngsters working in tourism seem to be able to put up with this, but for a man of Mr A's age and experience, it is just completely out of order, and I am glad he left.

He spent yesterday over in Bodrum looking for work.  Interrupted by the car breaking down, being taken into a workshop and repaired and collected two hours later.  A mutual friend of ours who is a hairdresser also works in a salon in Gumbet and he introduced Mr A to his boss.  This man has a similar salon to the one where Mr A has been working, but he also has 2 or 3 hamams (Turkish baths).  One next door to the salon and the others in hotels in the area.  Mr A will still be working just on commission but will be responsible for selling with the hamams too, so potentially this job is better.  It has also been agreed that whatever Mr A earns, he will take every day.  This way we can hopefully avoid problems.

He spent some time with our friend and set off home very late, arriving in the village around 2.30am where he was distressed to discover more new dogs.  A couple he recognised but the rest we feel sure have been dumped here, including 6 puppies.

I had been awake till he arrived anyway, as I was my usual anxious self about him finding work, so we picked up a 10kg sack of dogfood and went back down to the village.  We also took some more containers for water and filled them up.   The village was quiet.  Mr A whistled and the dogs came running (didn't I tell you he's a dog magnet?).   We used up almost all of the 10kg of food.

He took some photos, and a short video, which I will link to on here, in the hope that those of you not on Facebook, will also be able to see.

This morning Mr A set off to his new job.  Before leaving the village he filled up the water containers again and put down some more food.  He also spoke to the men in the teahouse and asked them to please keep the water topped up.  I think he used the "Allah is watching you" kind of threat which seemed to work!

He also attempted to find the 6 puppies because we thought they would be better off in a shelter at this point in time.  Unfortunately, none of the dogs were around, but as this village is like a rabbit warren, there are so many places to hide.  They will probably not appear much during daylight, but in the dead of night when they feel safe from anyone likely to abuse them.  We'll keep trying to locate the puppies.

Although we've stopped the feeding programme for the summer, we do feel it necessary to feed these newcomers and I posted an appeal on Facebook this morning.  As usual I was in tears when we returned home, and just cannot walk away from this problem.  I've had a lovely response from people today, and donations are slowly coming in.  Many thanks to everyone who has donated.  You have no idea how much a relief it is to know that we can stop worrying about finding the money to buy food for the dogs.

I didn't go to bed when I got home.  There was little point as I'm up around 5am with my dogs.  Mr A managed a few hours thank goodness.   Around 10.30am I decided to take a nap.  The nap turned into 5 hours of deep sleep, when I don't think even an earthquake would have roused me.  I clearly needed it.

Thanks again to those who have donated, and anyone who would like to help will find the Paypal button at the top of this page.


  1. I'm so glad you managed to get some sleep and that things are looking a bit brighter now, Ayak. I'm also glad that Mr A has a job where he will be paid every day and not have to fight for what he is owed. As for the dumping of yet more dogs, i really do despair of some people's behaviour. :-(

    1. I despair too Perpetua. What upsets me most is that dogs are dumped because people don't want strays in their area, then the same thing happens and they get dumped somewhere else. These poor dogs must be so confused as well as hungry. That's what really makes me cry. The thought that creatures can be so unwanted and considered vermin. It's truly heartbreaking.

      Mr A's first day today. It was slow which is to be expected to start with. Lets hope tomorrow sees an improvement.

  2. Sometimes I hate this beautiful country, not the place but the people. I know there are nice and kind people here, but they are overtaken by the not so nice ones.
    I do hope your husband will be settled now and getting paid each day is more like it, because he can walk away with only one day's loss should the owner fail to pay up.
    With regard to the dogs, well what can I say? Good people like you are rare and it is all down to money. We can improve the lives of these dogs if we have the funds. A big well done to all those people who have donated money for the dogs.
    I hope things will improve for you very soon Linda and also Mr. A who doesn't deserve to be treated in such a dreadful way. A lot of
    Turkish employer's sad to say are the same, they care nothing for their staff.
    Love and hugs.

    1. Fleur you always understand how I feel, because you have had similar experiences, so you get it. Thankyou for your kind words. I really appreciate it xxx


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