Thursday, 3 July 2014

Getting results

It's been a week of problems.  Some small ones, some not so small.  Too many to mention really, and it had left me feeling unable to blog.

But today I seem to see a light at the end of a long tunnel, so am trying to be optimistic.

Amongst most of  the problems which will remain unmentioned, there is one that I will tell you about which forced me to toughen up.

TTNet.....those of you in Turkey are probably groaning in sympathy now at the mention of this company.

Two days ago I suddenly could not access any websites on my laptop.  According to my laptop and my modem I was connected to the internet.   I tried the usual simple procedures to regain access with no success.  Then I made the first of many phone calls to TTNet customer service in Istanbul. which carried on until midday today.

What then happens is that you get someone on the other end of the line and you explain the problem.  They suggest I do what I have already done, then they say they will put a report in to the engineers, who will phone me.   They never phone.   I then continue with the phone calls at 2-hourly intervals, getting a different person each time, and explaining the problem yet again.  Each customer service representative suggests a different reason for the problem.  They just guess because they haven't a clue.  They just want to get you off the line.

Some of them half-heartedly try to update the modem settings.  It doesn't work.

I avoided mentioning the problem to Mr A because he is busy and in any case doesn't have time to deal with all this.  However, for some unexplained reason, even though I had given MY mobile phone number for contact, they had discovered his number from an old report, and sent him a message.  Without telling me, he phoned a TTNet engineer in Milas who he knows, and asked him to come out to the house.  Then he rang me to tell me.

The engineer arrived with his assistant, who speaks English.  They've been here before and it's easy to communicate with him.

The engineer sat down at my laptop and proceeded to try to fix the problem.  He couldn't do it.  I asked his assistant if there was a problem with the modem.  He ignored me.  I asked again...three times in fact...he still ignored me.  Then the engineer made a phone call on his mobile, chatted to someone then handed the phone to me.  It was Mr A.   He was annoyed at being disturbed and proceeded to tell me what the engineer had said.   He didn't give me chance to explain that I hadn't asked the engineer to ring him and I got the brunt of his anger.

So now I am angry.   I stood in front of the assistant, forcing him to look at me and proceeded to tell him that this is the 21st century,  that women are equal and should be treated with respect.  I am capable of making decisions.  That if I speak to someone I do not expect to be ignored.  That this is my internet account, my problem, not my husband's and that they do not ring him, but they deal with me.  And I asked the question again "Is this a problem with the modem?"   He said yes he thought so.  I said OK, I have a new modem which I bought from TTNet some time ago which hasn't been used and I produced it.

There was unfortunately no adaptor in the box, but even I know that the existing adaptor will fit, but he is telling me I will have to go and get another adaptor.  Then they packed up and left.  I immediately plugged in the new modem and the lights came on except for the WLAN light.  I phoned the engineer's assistant (he had given me his number on their previous visit).  I asked him to return (they were still in the village) and deal with the modem.  He hung up on me.

I phoned TTNet and got them to set up the modem, which they did.  I still had no connection.

During all this to-ing and fro-ing I had been talking to my brother-in-law Yakup who has always been helpful with computer problems, and he said at this point that maybe the WLAN had been disconnected by the engineer.  I phoned TTNet again.  They checked the modem (the new unused one) and it was broken.  I connected the old modem and it was fine.   Still no connection though.  And yet another report submitted to the engineers, to call me back, and again no contact from them.

Maybe your eyes are glazing over by now, so you are forgiven if you want to stop reading, but I need to get this all off my chest because it makes me feel better (and it's a good reference point, should I have the same problems in the future).

This morning I got up and caught the bus into Milas with my laptop.  I decided that if it wasn't the modem, then it may be a laptop problem.  I popped in first to my friendly English-speaking pharmacist to get some treatment for the many mosquito bites I have acquired this week (another of the niggly problems).   Plus more tablets for my IBS, as I have had a particularly bad flare-up this doubt caused by stress, but I have completely lost my appetite and have lost 5 kilos in as many days.

Anyway, we got to chatting about the internet problems and he told me to log in to his network and test my laptop.  It was absolutely fine, so clearly it was a TTNet problem.

I decided to walk down to a favourite café which happens to have Wi-Fi, have a coffee and log on.  The coffee machine was broken so I had a cold drink instead, obtained the network password and logged on.   Fine.  Two minutes later internet connection was lost, and the café owner was unable to do anything about it.  So I gave up.

On arriving home, I logged on, and still had the same problem.  I phoned TTNet and this time I just could not remain civil and polite.  I completely lost it.  I shouted, threatened, ranted and raved, and insisted that this problem was fixed today.  From experience I realise that this is often the way that Turks deal with problems, but I have on most occasions tried to remain calm and polite, thinking that this was the best way to achieve results.

Twenty minutes later my internet connection was restored as if by magic.   So whatever the engineers did, I am pretty sure they could have done two days ago.

In future I will not be polite and pussyfoot around these people.  I will adopt the Turkish way of dealing with it.  It seems the only way to get results.

PS  Apart from having no connection for two days, for about a week now I have been unable to leave comments on most of the blogs that I follow.  I am trying to catch up now with reading, so if you don't get a comment from me, I apologise, but there is nothing I can do about it, until Blogger decides to resolve the problem.


  1. Oh Ayak, your anger and frustration simply leap off the screen! How dare the engineers treat you like this and be so appallingly unprofessional and inefficient. I'm glad your connection has finally been restored, but so sorry that you had to wait so long and behave in a way that doesn't come naturally to you before this happened.

    I really hope you're starting to feel better in yourself and that the coming week will be less stressful and frustrating. I haven't a clue what's the problem with Blogger this time. Usually it's people with WordPress accounts who can't comment, not Blogger ones.
    Hugs P xxx

    1. It was frustrating Perpetua. In fact just typing about it was causing steam to come out of my ears (or is that the intense heat and lack of working aircon?), I wish I could say I was feeling better, but I'm not really. I'm hopeful things will improve...eventually.

  2. I don't know about IBS, I'd be tearing my hair out!

    We had the lines down last week...all week, and when the engineers came they didn't connect us when they connected others from the same post.

    Our friendly local technician said that that was on orders from his boss, who is a friend of whoever it is that protects The Neighbour.

    So I shot off to the customer service department (Contraloria) in San Jose and registered a complaint.

    Phone and internet on the next day and the boss, according to the same technician, hopping at being caught as the Contraloria checked the reporting and work records and found that he had cut our number from the list.
    They regard this with displeasure particularly because we are on the priority register because of Leo's health.

    Good for you for raving...the Turks I knew said it was the only way to get anything done....but i do hope you feel better and have no more of the irritations.

    1. That was a dreadful thing to happen Helen, particularly as a working phone is essential with Leo's problems. Good for you for dealing with it. I would like to say no more irritations, but here I am at 4.30am still awake and watching Dave, one of the pups. As some of you may have noticed from Facebook, he is poorly. He is sleeping at the moment, but I can't. Vet visit in the morning.

    2. I don't blame you letting off steam, it is the only way to get anywhere. TTNet call centre staff are appalling.
      The engineer who ignored you and called your husband overstepped the mark, how dare he? We are NOT stupid.....and we are not second class citizens. Sounds like Mr. A isn't in the best of moods either. My late husband could behave like that which of course didn't go down well with me. It is like they lose face if they agree with their wife...........
      Hopefully, your stress levels will come down which will help your IBS.
      It is not easy living in this country.
      I am also having connection problems with my laptop, but my iPad works which is strange.
      Just to let you know I am not on FB for a while, it is really starting to naff me off, especially when someone says the street dogs should be eaten.....
      Take really good care Linda, you are not alone, I too have lots of crap and problems and idiot tradesmen who think I am naive. One guy wanted to buy my artesian water, 15 liras for a huge tanker, needless to say he was shown the door and told not to come back.
      Any time you want yo let off steam, I am always ready to listen.
      Love and hugs.F.xxxx

    3. I hope Dave gets better

    4. Thanks Fleur, Dave seems to be recovering now.

      It is truly frustrating at times for a woman living in this country. Oh I think you and I have often discussed it.

      I was about to message you today on FB to ask how you are. Maybe if you have time you can email me? xxx

  3. How frigging annoying and unprofessional!!! Not to mention chauvinistic! What a shame you have to be pushed to being rude before they will do their job properly. SHAME ON YOU TTNET!

    1. Hi Lynne. I think if I had not had such a bad week overall, I may not have lost my temper so easily. But I'm glad I did now as at least it got results x


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