Friday, 4 July 2014

Hoping for the light to get a bit brighter know...the light at the end of the tunnel that I referred to in my last post.  It wasn't too bright yesterday, and it's getting dimmer.

Those of you on Facebook will have read about one of my pups, Dave, being poorly last night.  He was vomiting and then had diarrhoea which went on for a few hours.  He was also quite unusual for him as he is always the most lively of the three pups.

Mr A thankfully came home in the early hours of this morning, after having phoned Mehmet the vet.  Mehmet didn't feel there was any urgency at that point and unless things changed drastically we arranged to see him this morning.  We were of course not to feed him.

I stayed awake all night.  Dave was on the balcony sofa.  I was on the sofa next to the opened balcony window, just inches away, but protected from mosquito bites by the screen.  I did attempt to sleep, but found myself tossing and turning and getting up constantly to check that Dave was OK.

Mr A grabbed a few hours sleep and got up to take Dave to see Mehmet.  The diarrhoea and vomiting had ceased in the early hours but he was still lethargic.   Mehmet thoroughly examined him and came to the conclusion that it was nothing serious.  That he had probably eaten something in the garden that he shouldn't have.  He is also a greedy little pig and gobbles his food without chewing properly, so maybe this could have been the cause.  Anyway, he was quite dehydrated and was put in IV serum twice, which helped to reduce the lethargy.  We also have some tablets to give him to settle his stomach.  The IV connection is still attached to his leg, just in case he happens to deteriorate today and needs more fluids.  So I am watching him carefully.  He does seem a bit better though and I am relieved that it isn't anything sinister.  This intense heat doesn't help of course.  We all tend to feel lethargic at the moment.

It's very windy here today...very hot and windy.  This seems to affect my internet connection.  So even though my laptop finally connected yesterday, I am having problems again today.  We also had a powercut for a couple of hours, so that didn't help.

And now I am unashamedly going to ask for help.   Before I had Melek spayed a week ago and stocked up with more dogfood, my dog fund was almost on empty.  It is completely empty now and I will be facing another bill in the next day or so for Dave's treatment and medication.   Sometime before the end of the month I will be having Chas and Dave neutered.   Freddie's booster jabs are due on the 18th.  And then of course there will be more food to buy.

It is a constant struggle, and even though I am so grateful for the regular donations received by a couple of  friends, and the odd donation received from others, it just isn't enough.  Naturally, I assume complete responsibility for the 9 dogs I have rescued and now have homes with me, and they will always be fed and cared for, even if (most likely) Mr A and I will have to go without.  The last thing I ever want to consider is having to rehome any of them because I can't afford to keep them.  Nine dogs take a lot of looking after, but I have no regrets at all for rescuing them.  To watch them thrive and grow confident and unafraid is an absolute joy.

I also want to restart the street feeding programme again in October, but this will be impossible if I cannot raise enough money to do so.

So if anyone can donate I would be very grateful.  If you can't for any reason, maybe you might consider sharing this blog post with your friends, or perhaps mention me on your own blogs.  Anything that you can do to help will be very much appreciated.  Thankyou.


  1. Hi Linda, glad Dave is a bit better and hopefully will make a full recovery.
    With regard to donations, have you thought of getting in touch with some Turkish celebrities? They should do their bit for animal charities, they make enough money and I am sure they could manage a decent donation.
    Failing that, any possibility of a local fundraising event?
    I know how you feel, as the cost of not only the food but the vet's bills, collars etc break the bank and there is a limit as to how far you can cut down.
    Just when I think I will be fine, something will go wrong in the house or outside and I am back to square one.
    I really wish I could help and if I sell my house you can be sure I will.
    Try to keep positive.

    1. Thanks Fleur. Some good ideas there, but I think it would be difficult as far as fundraising is concerned, or even asking celebrities for donations. As you know I'm not a registered charity (I'm too small for that) and there are rules about such things. I know from others how hard it is to gain charitable status. There is just so much involved which is beyond me. I never set out to ask for money, but the fact that I was encouraged by others to do so, then enabled me to care for more dogs. But you are's expensive. Food alone isn't enough. If you don't give these dogs complete care and protection, you are letting them down. I'll soldier on regardless though...just as you do xxxx


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