Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Yesterday was my birthday.  It was going to be a quiet day.  Mr A is working so I knew I wouldn't be seeing him.  Although he did phone me at one minute past midnight to be the first to wish me Happy Birthday.

As a result of my last post about the dogs dumped in the village, and our feeding at 3am Sunday morning, donations have been coming in, and I am now in a position to buy more sacks of dogfood so we can continue to feed these dogs.  We will also attempt to worm and flea treat as many of them as we can.

My friend Gwen had decided to make the bus journey over from Selcuk to spend a few hours with me in Milas. 

I set off to the village to catch the bus, taking some more dogfood with me for the new arrivals.  As expected they weren't around, but I left piles of food in different places where I knew they would find it when they felt safe to reappear.   The biggest surprise for me was to find that the new water bowls we had put down on Sunday morning, were not only still there, but actually all filled to the brim with fresh water!   I went over to the teahouse to ask who had filled them, and a little old man in the corner said it was him.  I thanked him profusely and he has promised to fill them every day.   This is such a breakthrough, and frankly the best birthday present I could wish for.  I so hope it continues, and that others don't decide to remove the bowls because they think the dogs are a nuisance.

Gwen and I had lunch together, followed by icecream and coffee.  It was very hot and dusty in Milas, not helped by the fact that they are digging up the roads everywhere.  (Note to self:  white trousers are really not suitable).

The usual 20 minute bus journey back to the village took an hour and 15 minutes, due to detours to two other villages on the way.  Gwen had bought me a huge supply of Cadbury's chocolate.  As she had set off around 9am, and I arrived home after 5pm, you can imagine what state it was in.  If I had opened any of the packets, I would have found chocolate sauce.  However, it all went into the fridge.  It has solidified again...a bit misshapen...but I've tasted it and no harm done.  Delicious! 

So...THANKYOUS are due.

To Gwen for the chocolate and your company on my birthday.  To all my Facebook friends who sent birthday wishes.  To the little old man in the teahouse for making sure the dogs have water.  To my grandsons Billy and Jimi for phoning me in the morning to sing Happy Birthday.

And most of all a huge thankyou to those of you who have donated as a result of my pleas for help, on this and previous occasions.  The vet bill for Dave's treatment when he was ill last Friday has been paid, and more sacks of dogfood reserved, to be collected as soon as I can arrange it.  Also plans for neutering Chas and Dave within the next week or so are in hand.

Without your help I couldn't continue to do what I do.   You will never know how grateful I am xxx

(If you would like to donate to help with my rescued dogs and the many more we want to continue to help on the streets, you will find the Paypal button at the top of this page)


  1. Glad you had a fab day ,and well done to the little old man
    Keep up the good work xx

    1. Thankyou. A good that gives me hope xx

  2. Happy belated birthday Ayak! Sounds like a great day.

  3. So glad you had a good, if dusty, birthday, Ayak. Sometimes the little things are the most precious. Axxx

    1. Thankyou. They certainly are Annie. I'm easily pleased these days xx

  4. I'm glad your birthday was so positive after all the difficulties of previous days. Enjoy the chocolate - the shape doesn't count. :-)

    1. It was a nice day Perpetua. Oh no the shape of the chocolate doesn't matter at all. Although my shape when I've scoffed the lot might :-)


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