Sunday, 20 July 2014

The perfect end to a difficult week

 Mr A's efforts on Wednesday night, accompanied by the Muhtar, resulted in them managing to round up three of the puppies in the village and deliver them to safety at Milas shelter.

The Muhtar promised to attempt to capture more dogs on Thursday.  When Mr A spoke to the Muhtar on Friday, he was informed that this mission was unsuccessful.  The Muhtar said it was impossible to get hold of the dogs because they tried to bite him.  I find it difficult to believe this to be honest.  These dogs are scared and pretty submissive.  I think it was more to do with the Muhtar's handling of the dogs than anything else.  He clearly doesn't have Mr A's touch.

I went down to the village as usual on Friday to feed the dogs and there were none there.  I searched for some time but could not find one dog.  I left food and water in the usual places, but I feared the worst.  Maybe they had been disposed of.

I returned again on Saturday morning.  Still no dogs, but the food was gone.  Although this didn't necessarily mean it had been eaten by the dogs.  It could have been swept away by the men in the teahouse.  Who knows?

Also on Saturday, two new kennels arrived for my three youngest, Chas, Dave and Melek.  We had already bought one, which all three used when they first tiny they took up a small space in the corner.  They have of course grown at a rapid rate and one kennel is only suitable for one dog. The wooden kennel (formerly a chicken coop which Mr A made) is also not big enough for the three pups, and because it's wood they have been chewing it and it is almost demolished!

So I ordered two more plastic kennels from Mehmet the vet.  He delivered them to me late yesterday afternoon.  He is only charging me what it cost him, he is making no profit, and not even allowing the expense of driving out to the village to deliver them.  He is also prepared to wait for payment, as we actually can't afford to pay for them at the moment.  If anyone would like to donate towards the cost, it would be very much appreciated.  They cost 220 lira each, which is around £60 each.  Needless to say, the dogs are delighted with them....and they are pretty much chew-proof!

The 3 kennels, sheltered from the sun

Chas, Melek and Dave

Dave, Chas and Melek (with Monty in the background)

This morning I went to catch the bus into Milas at 10.30.  Again I took more food and this time was relieved to find two of the pups and three larger dogs waiting in the village.  I fed and watered them, then got on the bus.  Two of the dogs sat next to the bus and watched me until the bus left...bless them...they know I'm their friend.  

I had a phone call from Mr A this evening to say that even though the Muhtar had failed to capture any more dogs, he (and also Mr A) had both spoken to the Belediye manager, who has promised to arrange for workers from the shelter to come out and capture the remaining dogs within the next few days.   I really hope this happens, but I won't hold my breath.   If they don't, Mr A has promised he will get home as soon as he possibly can to resume rounding them up.  In the meantime, although I got the usual glares from the men in the teahouse while I was feeding the dogs, I'm hopeful that they won't harm them now that they are aware the problem is being dealt with.

Today I had plans to meet up with a friend from Kusadasi.  Fleur and I have communicated for quite a while, first through a Kusadasi forum, then on Facebook, as well as a few phone calls and emails, and she is one my loyal blog followers.   We have been planning to meet for ages, and at last we did it today.  We agreed to meet outside Kipa supermarket which is easy to find, and as a new Kahve Dunyasi coffee shop has just opened next door, we had drinks and some lunch and stayed there for a couple of hours.  As I have now run out of filter coffee, I managed to get the girls to sell me a 500g bag of the filter coffee they use in the shop, which I am delighted about.

We then drove out to the village. Fleur met the dogs, and we chatted some more before she set off back to Kusadasi.  She kindly brought a 15kg sack of food for the dogs and a bottle of wine for me.  Thankyou so much Fleur.   She was just as lovely as I knew she would be.  We share the same concerns for the street dogs, and she has rescued many too.  She currently has six at her home.  She is great company, and we plan to communicate more, and meet up again.

So a happy Sunday, and not a bad end to a difficult week.


  1. I was hoping to sees you in the two weeks i had off but I now have to head to the uk. September for a swim?

    1. Sounds good to me BtoB. Safe journey to the UK. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad xxx

  2. I so enjoyed meeting you and your lovely dogs.
    The view from your house is stunning and if I lived there, I would spend many an hour watching all the aircraft on final approach.
    I loved the village, so typically Turkish, but understand how you feel about the men in the tea house who probably think of you as an interfering foreigner. Thank goodness Mr. A backs you up and has the same concerns as you will regards to the strays.
    The men from the tea house glared at me when passed in the car. I suppose they were thinking oh another b....y woman and a foreigner to boot..........
    It is very hard for you, these people are blinkered and will never change.
    Thank goodness for the nice people like Mehmet the vet.
    I hope the dogs are caught and get to a safer place.
    The village men are quite intimidating.......
    Lots of love to you and the dogs.F.xxxx

    1. Thanks Fleur. It comes as no surprise that the men glared at you when you passed. I'm getting used to it now and it's more or less water off a duck's back.

      I like watching the aircraft too. We only get them over the village during the summer season with so many flights coming into Bodrum. I really miss them out of season!

      See you soon xxx

  3. The new kennels look great, and I'm so glad you had a good time with Fleur. I do think about you a lot, hoping each day that the heat isn't too bad, and that you are able to continue helping those dogs, despite the tea house stares ! Take care. Jx

    1. Thanks Janice. I think about you a lot too...with your lovely family and your summer in France. That lovely little 3 bears house for your grandchildren. Lucky kids. But mostly about what a really good friend you have been to me. Lots of Love xxx

  4. So pleased you were able to meet up with Fleur and that you struck up a good friendship.

    Hoping that nothing sinister happened to the dogs that you're trying to help and that they can eventually be taken to the shelter safely.

    The kennels are lovely. Three lucky dogs. I can remember Chas was the one I liked best as a pup and he's grown into a lovely dog. Well they all are.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Chas is lovely Maggie. He is the calmest of the three. They all have such different characters. Dave is quite lively, and Melek very intelligent. She is trying to find ways to jump the chickenwire at the moment so I am busy building temporary barricades!

  5. Glad to hear more positive news, Ayak, and am crossing my fingers the shelter workers will come and help round up the dogs. It must have been so good to have Fleur visit you and to have such an enjoyable time together.

    1. No sign of the dogs being rounded up as yet Perpetua. But this doesn't surprise me. There were 6 down in the village when I went to feed them this morning, but at least they are still OK.

  6. I'm glad that things picked up...nothing like a friend turning up to lift the spirits, especially when the frind also loves animals.
    Very chic kennels!

    1. The kennels are very sturdy Helen, and it will be almost impossible for the pups to demolish them (I hope!). I realise how important it is to see friends as much as possible. I am so isolated here and can go for months without seeing anyone, so I need to make more of an effort to get out and about. I'm seeing David on Friday, and then hopefully over to Gulluk next week to meet up with Lenny. It does lift the spirits to spend time with people xx


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