Thursday, 24 July 2014

Time for a bit of a moan

I haven't posted since last Sunday and thought it about time I wrote something.   .

Mr A hasn't been able to get home this week because he simply can't afford it.  He isn't getting many customers and as he only gets paid commission, it isn't good, and he is quite depressed about it.

He does however have to attempt to get home this weekend of joys...we have members of his family visiting.  I think by now you all know what that means.  They invite themselves.  They turn up whenever they feel like it, and stay for as long as they like.  This time it's a cousin and her husband.  I have met them before, briefly, but don't really know them.   With Mr A working I guess it will be left to me to entertain them, and I'm really not looking forward to it.

I have been given a shopping list.   I'm not really happy about this either, because I budget very carefully when I'm on my own, but when guests are here naturally one has to provide adequate meals.  Mr A says they will bring food.  This is pretty normal, although it's difficult to do shopping when you don't know what they are bringing, and on previous occasions we have ended up with too much of the same things in the fridge.  Apparently, there is a particular kind of cheese they like for breakfast.   There is only one place I know in Milas that sells it, so I went to get it today.  It cost me nearly 30 lira.  Far more than I would normally spend on cheese.

Thankfully my dear friend David is going to take me into Milas tomorrow to get my shopping.  Otherwise I'm not really sure how I would manage.

Mr A says the relatives will ring him when they are on their way, and he will come home.  We will then do a barbeque.  Mr A is going to borrow money from his boss to buy meat.  At this point in time we don't actually know whether they will arrive on Saturday or Sunday evening. 

All I can hope for is that my dogs barking all night will deter them from staying too long.   OK I hold my hands up...I'm antisocial...there I've admitted it.  I like to choose my friends.  I like to invite people to stay with me.  I don't like the way Turkish families all treat each others homes as if they are their own.  Of course I like guests to feel "at home" but this is not the same.  They move in and they take over, and I don't like it.

I would have loved to have reported that the dogs in the village have been rounded up and safely delivered to the shelter, but sadly this is not the case.  I am not surprised in the least.  Again the belediye make promises they don't keep.  This morning I spotted another puppy that I hadn't seen before, so that's 4 pups who need to be rescued, as well as half a dozen older dogs.   One old boy is very battered and scarred but such a gentle soul.  He follows me to the bus and sits and waits till the bus leaves.

My dog fund is running low again and I need to buy more food soon to keep feeding these dogs.  I have no idea when Mr A can arrange to get them to the shelter, and it's possible he may have to hire a man and a van to do so in one go.  This will probably be cheaper than him having to make several journeys here and take two or three at a time.   I also have the two puppy kennels to pay for, so I am getting quite desperate.  I would really welcome donations at this time, no matter how small, every penny helps. 

Enough moaning.  I must try to put on my "happy welcoming" face before the relatives arrive at the weekend.  Wish me luck!


  1. Poor you. I'm so glad I'm missing Bayram this year.

  2. Not what you need, visitors.....and especially visitors when you are ion your own there...

    1. Well the dogs barked all night long last night Helen, so I'm hoping we'll get a repeat performance at the weekend (sod's law of course means they'll probably be as quiet as mice) x

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  3. I do feel for you. Having the house taken over is really awful and you cannot relax.
    I don't think you are one bit antisocial just like most of us, you like to be in control as to whom you invite and for how long.
    I really hope they don't prove to be a pain in the neck.
    Bayram can be a difficult time, just keep your chin up and take a deep breath.
    I hope you get some more donations. Dog food doesn't last long as I well know.
    Well done to David for helping out.
    I am playing nursemaid at the moment, so no Bayram for me, unless like you some of my late husband's relatives make an appearance.
    Take care, hugs.F.x

    1. I think that's the point Fleur...about not being in control when relatives turn up here. I will just get through it...they can't be any worse than the in-laws anyway. Well shopping is done, thanks to David, and now I'm about to relax...the calm before the storm!! xxxx

  4. I hope that they do bring lots of useful food. You could've done without this added burden.
    I do hope that it goes OK and that mr A manages to get back to help you out.

    Not sure what to think about the dogs in the next village because it is like trying to stop a tidal wave really. There are always going to be more and more and more dogs.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Maggie I just wish his relatives would visit when he's not working during the winter, rather than when he is. He will have to get home, but it's difficult for him. If he's not at work, he's not earning money.

      The problem with the dogs will never end. There seems to be no long term solution. We just keep plodding on and trying to save as many as we can xx

  5. Oh really don't need any visitors at this time. Take care....hope all will go smoothly and quietly with them relatives there...........

    1. Well it didn't happen Erica. I'm about to do a post about it x

  6. Having been busy myself with getting ready for and entertaining visitors since you wrote this, I'm only just getting round to reading and commenting, Ayak. I gather your visitors didn't descend on you after all, which must have been a relief.

    1. Yes definitely relieved Perpetua x


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