Sunday, 27 July 2014

Update on village dogs

When I went down to the village around 7 o clock this morning, there were no dogs around at all.  Very unusual for this time of the day.  I walked off some of the side roads and other places where they hide to find them, but no sign at all.

I left food in the usual places and refilled all the water containers.  I asked the man in the village shop if he had seen the dogs, but he hadn't.

I phoned Mr A a little later to let him know and he has just called me to say that he has spoken to the Muhtar, who says the dogs are still around.....thank goodness.  I was again fearing the worst, because Mr A had mentioned that people are still talking about shooting them.   The Muhtar has organised a vehicle so that he and Mr A can round them up and take them to the shelter.  Hopefully this will happen tonight.

Of course this won't be the end of the problem.  No doubt more will arrive gradually, but it will be easier to manage a couple at a time, by either taking them to the shelter, or trying to get them neutered and adopted.

I received a couple of donations as a result of my recent plea.  I still have to pay for the two new kennels, and I am almost out of dog food.  Thankyou so much to those who have donated, and especially to those friends who are committed to giving every month.  I am so grateful to you all. 

Whatever I receive seems to go straight out again, and of course I use my own money as well.  Food and vet bills mount up, and I am aware that it's only a couple of months until October, when we will want to start the winter feeding programme again at the industrial estate, and wherever else locally it is needed.   So anything you can give will be very much appreciated.  (The Paypal button is at the top of the page).   Thankyou.

Fingers crossed that tonight's rescue mission happens and I have something positive to report tomorrow.


  1. Oh dear...... I just read about your expected guests not showing up. I would've been blazing!

    Hoping the dogs are just hiding from the heat and that they haven't been shot.
    How can people even contemplate doing that?
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. I don't know how they could do it Maggie, but sadly we live in a world full of heartless cruel human beings. The dogs are hiding and moving around now. I'll update again later

  2. Hoping to hear of a successful round up operation soon Ayak. jx

    1. I'm hoping too Janice but its proving difficult. Will do an update later, when my laptop stops playing silly buggers and switching itself off. Maybe it's the heat :-)

  3. I've been playing catch-up, Ayak and can see that there's not been a lot of joy in your life just recently. So very frustrating for you and I can only cross fingers, eyes, arms and legs in the hope that things improve soon. As you say, sometimes the heat scuppers plans. Axxx

    1. It's all been a bit miserable Annie, but I'm trying to be optimistic. Things have to change soon...I hope xx


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