Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sally, Dursune and cats

Mr A spoke again to the people who gave a home to Sally a week ago.  She is very happy.   She lives outside, and has immediately taken up the role of guard dog.  Unlike many dogs here that are kept on short chains, as Sally was before we rescued her, she now has the complete run of the enclosed garden.  Mr  A tells me it's about 4,000 sq.metres.  I have no idea when it comes to measuring areas, but it does sound pretty big to me.  So she has plenty of space.  They will shortly be taking her to be spayed and vaccinated.

Dursune on the left
I sometimes mention Dursune, my neighbour, in my blog.  She's a grumpy old woman most of the time.  We have had a few run-ins and shouting matches, but generally we get along reasonably well.  There are things I dislike about her, but I do like the fact that she cares for animals.  Perhaps not so well as we do, but certainly better than a lot of Turks.

She cared for her old donkey until it died and was very upset, as she also was when she could no longer manage to look after her two cows, and they had to go.  She is completely over-run with chickens, but they all look quite healthy.

Last year she had a cat in her yard that gave birth to kittens.  Some of them have gone elsewhere, but the mother remains, and a few of the kittens, who are now fully grown.  Dursune feeds them scraps, although she doesn't seem to eat much more than scraps herself, so it can be difficult.   Every time I go down to the village for bread she asks me to get some for her.  She never offers to pay, and I never ask.  It's cheap enough and I really don't mind.  If I am in Milas I usually bring her a couple of simits back.

She sometimes asks me for onion, a tomato, some cheese, sugar, etc.  If I have it I give.  She never says thankyou, but it's just how she is.  I'm used to it.

I have been giving her chicken bones to feed the cats which they enjoy.  The dried dog food I get from my vet consists of very small biscuits, and often on my way down to feed the dogs in the village I come across cats, so I leave them some as well.

This morning Dursune told me she had nothing to feed her cats and asked if I had anything.  I gave her a bag of the biscuits and she was delighted.

And as she has no qualms about asking me for anything, I suspect that I will be supplying biscuits for the cats from now on.

I guess I should now edit my blog to include feeding cats as well as dogs, and maybe use this opportunity to ask for donations from any of you cat lovers out there.   The more money I can raise, the more dogs and cats I can feed.  October will soon be here when I will be starting up the daily feeding programme again for as many street animals as possible, so every little helps. (As usual you will find the Paypal button at the top of my blog....thankyou).


  1. There's no end to your kindness. You have gradually influenced Dursane to be kinder to animals and you've done a brilliant job doing that.
    Words cannot express how much I admire what you're doing.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Oh Maggie what a lovely thing to say. Thankyou. But really it's second nature to us isn't it? Some people here just take a bit longer.

      I hope everything is OK with Harry. Take care of yourself xxx

  2. I'm so glad to hear that Dursune's good behaviour towards animals is continuing, Ayak. Like Maggie, I'm sure your wonderful example has a lot to do with it. I'm sure her cats are grateful for the scraps she gives them, but I expect they are also good foragers, especially in summer. Winter is the hard time for feral or semi-feral animals. :(

    1. Yes winter is the worst time for them Perpetua. I don't worry so much about the cats here because they can jump in and out of the bins, and also catch birds, rats and mice to survive. The dogs however can't jump into the large bins so it's more difficult for them. I think Dursune has always been much nicer to animals than she is to people to be honest...but that's fine with me! xxx

  3. She she is not so bad really Ms. Dursune. Poor old thing, but she looks well considering she doesn't eat much.
    I am glad Sally is now living in good conditions. 4,000 square meters is the equivalent of 4 donums and you could build quite a few villas with gardens on that, so she had a lot of land to run around.
    Thank you for feeding the cats, but I doubt you can continue because all this food is so expensive. As has been said, cats can catch mice and other small animals.
    I hope they can otherwise you will be bankrupt.
    Well done and just think it will be autumn soon.......bliss, cooler weather.xxxxf

    1. I wonder if Mr A exaggerated the size of the land seems an awful lot. But nevertheless she is not chained up and is safe, which is the main thing.

      Can't wait for the cooler weather! xxx

  4. So glad Sally is well homed. Re the cats and Dursune, I long ago worked out that if you do the same favour twice, it is then your responsibility for ever.

    1. Ah yes BtoB. I remember you telling me this. I never learn do I?

  5. I had to smile about the old lady with her donkey - that is so cute.

    1. She's a strange old girl Danni. Not particularly popular with her neighbours, but on the whole I quite like her x


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