Thursday, 28 August 2014

This week....

....has been incredibly hot.  I think I said something in my last post about Autumn being just around the corner.  Well I take it back, as there is definitely no sign of it.

I am continuing to feed the village dogs every other day, and have to make sure I go down to the village and am back before 7am, because it gets hot so early.

Last week a lady called Sallyan from the animal rescue group Animal Antics in Ovacik, asked on Facebook if anyone was likely to be over near Milas as she had a few things to send to me to help with the dogs.

The request was answered by Susan, who lives in Fethiye.  She and her husband Mike, were to drive to Didim last Monday to transport a dog to a foster carer, until it was ready to go to it's new home in the UK in September.  They offered to bring the goodies to me.

At the same time. Sonia from Gokova Animal Rescue, said that she would also be sending me some things and would give them to Susan to bring.  I met Sonia when we went to collect Monty, and she has been very supportive.  She gives good advice, and has supplied me with worm tablets and food on occasion.   This time, not only did she send some useful items, but also a cash donation towards my winter feeding programme.

Susan and Mike arrived late Monday morning and delivered my parcels.  So many useful things, and such a help when I am trying to budget to make sure I can feed the dogs during the winter, which is the time they need it most.  (Susan took some photos of my 9 dogs, and when I receive them I will post them on my blog.  I think she is a much better photographer than I am, so am looking forward to seeing them)

Thankyou all of you for thinking of me, and the help you have provided.  There are some wonderful animal lovers in this country, and it is brilliant when groups help each other out.

This is also an opportunity for me to thank all the kind people who have donated to my fund since I first put a Paypal button on my blog.  The five people who donate by standing order every month giving me a regular income of £55...this is just so useful to me and helps me budget for food and vet fees.   But also to all the others who have donated, once or several times...every single penny is put to good use.   Many thanks to all of you.

And one more thankyou to my friend David, who has been such a help while Mr A is away.  David helped me by transporting Melek to the vet when she was spayed, and he regularly drives over from Mumcular to collect me from the village and take to Milas to collect the sacks of dog food, and my shopping.  I don't know how I would have managed without him.   Apart from that, he is great company and I enjoy our coffee and chats.

PS  I always thank donors by email.  Yesterday I received a donation from Jayne Crampton.  I emailed twice but it wasn't delivered, so I am hoping that she picks up this message on here.  Thankyou Jayne xx


  1. Howe lovely to get such welcome help from both groups and individuals, Ayak. Sorry the weather hasn't cooled down for you. We have chilly, grey autumn here in Wales and would be glad of a bit more warmth.

    1. Yes it is lovely to get support from others Perpetua. The other groups are all in the same boat. Doing the best they can for the animals, but they don't forget others working towards the same ends.

      Oh I'd gladly swop with your weather at the moment!

  2. Sounds like a bit of a social whirl, Ayak and in a most positive way. Lots of work but it must feel good to know you are not the only one who cares. Nice that you get to meet each other too! Hope the heat abates a bit for you's beginning to cool down here now although we are forecast another heat wave next week...Axxx

    1. It's cooled down a little over the last couple of days Annie, but I have no idea whether it will continue to get cooler or hotter again. I check the forecasts but they seem to change from one day to the next xx

  3. I'm pleased that you are getting help for the dogs and I hope that Jayne reads the message.
    I've also had problems commenting on some blogs.
    We're having a burst of good weather after a really cold August.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    Nuts in May

    1. Hi Maggie. I am having problems commenting on some blogs. It's intermittent. I have no idea why it happens but it's very irritating. xx


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