Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Too hot to blog

It's the middle of summer.  The hottest time of the year, with temperatures this week around 40 degrees C.  Too hot to do very much at all.  It seems to be affecting my brain and I'm finding  it difficult to think of anything to blog about.

I'm having to keep switching my laptop off to enable it to cool down.  It's feeling the heat like I am.  It doesn't help that our aircon isn't working.  I haven't used it for years, but I really feel the need of it at the moment.  I think it's  completely knackered.  It may well have been hit by one of the lightening strikes during previous winters, that blew up several modems. 

I was reluctant to get the engineer out and pay a call-out fee, just for him to tell me it was no good.  So a couple of weeks ago Mr A asked a friend to come out and take a look.  He didn't turn up, but promised to come the following day...he didn't.  So I've given up on him, and I am kind of getting used to being without aircon now.  I keep telling myself it's only a few weeks until the end of August, and then the weather will gradually start to get cooler.  So I move around the house finding the coolest spots. Bedroom early morning, spare bedroom late morning, balcony afternoon, and sitting room evening.  I'm also sleeping on the sofa in the sitting room at night because I can position myself next to an open (mozzy-screened) window and get a little air.

Mr A isn't managing to get home much.  Because he only earns commission, his working day is about 16 or 17 hours...and then sleep.   I think he was as relieved as I was that his relatives didn't turn up recently, because he would have felt obliged to take time off to see them and risk losing customers.

I would be really stuck when it comes to shopping, particularly for sacks of dogfood, but my friend David has been so kind, and has collected me from the village and taken me shopping in Milas.  We stop for a coffee and a chat, and as usual I enjoy his company.

If it wasn't for him, I doubt I would be going anywhere at all.  The thought of waiting around in this heat for buses, makes me sweat before I even step outside the house.

And an update on the village dogs.  Although I am still getting dirty looks and the odd comment, I am still feeding them.   I have no idea if, how and when we can get them to the Milas shelter, but until such time, I am trying to do what I can to make their lives a little more bearable.  They are scattered about the village and I don't always see them when I take food down.  On the occasions when they have been about I've noticed that there are couple more of them now...roughly 10 or 12 altogether.

So I leave food in several places, and refill water containers.  I have now reduced this to every two days rather than every day.  I am getting through so much dogfood, and with limited finances I have to be careful that I don't reach a situation where I can't feed them at all.

My own dogs are all well, although also affected by the heat.  But they have a lot of shady places in the garden, and plenty of water, so they are fine.  I did manage to inflate an old plastic paddling pool for them, but they are not interested in jumping in to cool down.  They think it's for drinking.  I have had a paddle in it though   (when I'm sure the neighbours aren't watching!)

So that's it for now.   Roll on winter!


  1. Teo says Jake refuses to go outside in the middle of the day. He sticks to the tiles kitchen floor. We had very heavy weather in Hydra today, I'll be glad to get to cooler England tomorrow.

    1. I don't blame Jake. Monty and Tommy actually want to go outside. I think the shady parts of the garden are probably cooler than the house.

      Safe trip to England. I envy you the cooler weather.

  2. I just don't know how anyone manages to function in temperatures like that, Ayak. No wonder your brain has gone on strike. Do you have enough mozzy-screened windows to be able to create a through-draught? I'm glad David is being such a helpful friend, but I agree with you. Roll on autumn and the return of Mr A and cooler weather.

    1. Not functioning...just muddling through Perpetua. I have all the windows open at night to get a slight breeze. Not during the day though, as it's just hot air blowing through.

      I think Mr A would agree with you. He can't wait for the season to be over.


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