Thursday, 21 August 2014


In my last post I told you how I managed to rescue Sally, the dog belonging to the sheep women, and that Mr A had managed to find her a new home in Milas.  He phoned them the following day and she had settled in OK.  We will be maintaining contact with them to make sure she continues to be happy in her new home.

I also mentioned that Mr A had returned home on Friday evening.  He had in fact left the job in Gumbet.  The reason being the usual one...a boss reluctant to pay.

Much as I would have preferred him to stay in the area, there was nothing else in Bodrum for him, so he decided to return to Kas, near Antalya, and continue to work there until the end of the season.  This means that I won't see him until the end of September at the earliest.  I'm not happy about this, but he has to earn money, so he has no choice but to go where he knows he will be paid.

I am continuing to feed the dogs down in the village.  I am now doing this every other day, to make sure I have enough food for them.  I think they are managing to find scraps as well, as they do not appear to be starving.

Sometimes I find them in the school playground, sometimes just outside the centre of the village, but occasionally I don't see them at all.  I leave the food where I know they will find it.   They are all still very scared.  I cannot approach them.  They keep their distance until I have left the food and walked away.

One puppy is limping.  Another female looks a little unwell.  But I can't get close enough to them to do anything about it.  If I approach, they run.   I have a feeling that they are constantly being chased away from the village.  No wonder they are frightened.

I'll continue feeding.  It's all I can do until Mr A returns.  I need him to organise rounding up and moving any dogs that need treatment to the Milas shelter.  Even then, it will be extremely difficult to manage if the dogs just run and hide when anyone approaches.  It's very frustrating, but I'm hoping in time I will gain their trust, and be able to at least flea and worm treat them.

My nine dogs at home are all fine.   Freddie had a slight ear infection earlier this week, but this has been cleared up with drops.  Tommy managed to escape from a window a few days ago, the only window that leads out to the road from the second bedroom.  He always jumps on the windowsills to bark at cats, people or sheep outside, but this time, the window was open and he had pushed the mosquito screen which landed outside on the ground, and he was off.   He ran up the hill behind the house.  I called him just once and he returned immediately.  No harm done, but this window will remain shut from now on!

The pups continue to grow and thrive.  They are three bundles of mischief.  Constantly play-fighting with each other, digging holes everywhere, and generally causing havoc.  They also eat far more than my four big dogs now.  They are very greedy!

Dave and Chas

Melek and Chas

Monty and Chas


Mr A's first day in Kas...making friends with dogs as usual!

The weather has been very hot and humid, but for the first time at around 4am this morning I felt slightly chilly.   A very welcome sign that Autumn isn't too far away.

And that's all for now......


  1. All the dogs are looking great. I am so sorry that Mr A has had to move for work yet again. I hope it wont be too hard for you over the next few weeks. Take care of yourself Ayak, those dogs need you to be fit and well ! Lots of love jxxx

    1. I don't think I would normally manage too well with him being away for so long with no chance of getting home. I am very lucky to have my friend David, who has been such a help with shopping and collecting dog food. He's a treasure xx

  2. OH the ups and downs, Ayak.....I do feel for you. And for Mr A as well but what a lovely photo you have shared here with us. And all your dogs are looking so well and happy. And quite big now, some of them! Don't they grow!! Pip is absolutely fine after his last visit to the vet and seems none the worse for us interfering with his chances of fatherhood...:-)
    I'm dreadfully behind with blogs - both reading and writing but I'm with you in spirit! Axxx

    1. They do grow Annie! I'm glad to hear Pip is well. I thnk neutering comes with responsible dog ownership. Far too many unwanted dogs around.

      I'm also behind with blogs. The heat doesn't help. When the cooler weather arrives I'll spend more time on the laptop xxx

  3. Nice to read an update and so proud of Tommy coming back after the first time you shouted him to! We miss him, but glad he is doing well and is well cared for and loved :)

    1. Hi Katie. Tommy is such a character. He may be the smallest but is definitely the boss with the other dogs. A bit of a troublemaker too! But incredibly lovable. He is a mummy's boy and ;loves lots of cuddles xxx

  4. So sorry to hear about Mr A and the Gumbet job. I do hope the new one will be OK until the end of the season. The puppies lare obviously thriving, though given the rate they are growing it's hard to see them as puppies any longer. :) It's very sad the same can't be said for the village dogs...

    1. I don't know why I still refer to them as pups Perpetua. They are definitely dogs now! It is sad that all dogs don't have the chance of a happy and healthy life...they all deserve it :-(

  5. So sorry about Mr. A's work're doing a great job with the stray dogs rspecially when the weather isn't helping; and as for Tommy! Little tyke!

    1. Tommy is a one-off Helen. I've never known such a lively dog but also very affectionate. Lovely little boy x


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