Thursday, 18 September 2014

Figs and allergies

It's a week since I last posted and I am finding it so difficult to think of things to write about at the moment.  I do feel though that I have to make an effort or I will give up altogether.

Our fig tree is producing lots of fruit now, but I'm unable to use as much of it as I'd like to.  I am allergic to fig leaves.  If my skin touches them I come out in an itchy rash.  I've tried wearing long sleeves and latex gloves, but somehow my skin reacts and I still get a rash.

I picked as many as I could last week and made several pots of fig jam.  I have also had to cut back some of the branches because Melek is climbing up and grabbing the fruit.  She is also trying to jump over the chicken wire into the top garden.   Chas and Dave are watching and attempting to copy her.

Mr A did manage to get here one night this week, very tired, and went straight to sleep.  . He was up at 6.30am and was about to pick some more figs, when we noticed Melek again trying to climb over the fence.  So he spent the next two hours cutting back bigger branches off the fig tree, and fixing chickenwire on  higher posts to stop Melek escaping.

He threw the branches over the fence into the top garden to sort out later.  It wasn't until he had set off for work that I discovered he hadn't secured the gate to the top garden and the three pups and Monty had pushed it open where  I found them an hour later, all tucking into figs.   Needless to say they all had upset stomachs within the next 24 hours!

The weather is still quite hot but noticeably cooler than the past few weeks which is a relief.  It will soon be the end of the season and Mr A will return home.  We don't really know what he will do next.  We have a few ideas but nothing definite.

In the meantime, there is a chance that he will have a whole day off on Sunday.  He did suggest a boat trip from Bodrum, but I really don't like the tourist boat trips, which often consist of loud music and people getting drunk.  If it's still hot we may go to Gulluk and swim.  We'll see.  I'm not making plans because nothing is definite until it actually happens.

So back to allergies.  I've been allergic to penicillin for as long as I can remember, but that's not an unusual allergy.

Is anyone else allergic to fig leaves?    I also get a similar, but milder,  to geranium leaves.  Do you have any  unusual allergies?


  1. What a nuisance of an allergy, Ayak, as I know you enjoy your figs. I have to peel and chop parsnips wearing kitchen gloves or they bring out the chronic eczema on my hands, which is just as odd, I think. :-)

    1. That is an odd one Perpetua. Parsnips seem to be such inoffensive vegetables!


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