Saturday, 20 September 2014


I have had no internet connection since yesterday (Friday) afternoon.  TTNet as usual cannot tell me when the problem will be fixed.

Mr A was supposed to be having a rare day off on Sunday, but decided to take yesterday instead.  He had received a phone call from the doctor who visits the village once a week with a message from the devlet hospital, saying that I needed to go there with proof of rabies vaccination for the dog that bit me on 13th.  If I didn't turn up, the the police would come to get me.

We visited the hospital, had the paperwork checked, and established that I didn't need to continue with the rabies vaccinations.  However, I was informed that the belediye (council) vet would be visiting our house to check out the dog.  If only they could show this amount of concern for the street dogs, who are not vaccinated, rather than my dogs who are.

I'm not criticising the system.  It's good that they are trying to prevent the spread of rabies, but surely the priority should be to vaccinate the street dogs who are most at risk.

And the village dogs...who the Muhtar said had been collected by the Belediye?  Well it seems he was lying.  I have been awake most of the night because some of the village dogs have been running up and down past our house.  So they are still here.  My feeling is that the Muhtar wanted to stop Mr A complaining.  By saying they had gone, he assumed I would stop putting down food for them, and that they would just go away.  Well they haven't...and I will continue to feed them until we are able to solve the problem.  How we will do that, I have no idea at the moment.

In spite of regular flea treatments, Monty and Tommy have fleas...lots of them.  I showered and shampood them yesterday, flea combed, and applied more treatment.  This morning I will do the same with the three pups.  Monty has been scratching his ear all night and it's very sore.  I have cleaned it and applied ear drops.  He has sensitive skin so perhaps this was caused by the shampoo.  If it doesn't clear up, we'll see the vet.

Because Mr A has been here since yesterday, I have been able to connect my laptop to his mobile phone to use the internet.  That in itself wasn't easy...very frustrating, because neither of us are particularly computer literate, and with much trial and error we did it.   But he will be back to work in an hour or so, and then I will be disconnected again.  TTNet are useless.  I phoned three times yesterday, and they know nothing.  They tell you nothing.  They just say they have reported it to the engineers...thanks for calling....have a nice day....aaargh!

Just to top it all, frustration and tiredness have as usual made me clumsy.  I tripped up the balcony step and bruised my leg, dropped my mobile phone twice (luckily no damage), and spilt a whole cup of coffee on the cream coloured carpet in the sitting room.   Oh and I discovered the chicken I bought in Milas yesterday for dinner was off, so we ended up with just roasted vegetables.

Maybe today will be certainly can't get much worse.

See you soon....I hope!


  1. frontline etc flea treatment useless. think they are immune. The dust Bolfo from the chemist is better and cheap. Stronghold drops better than frontline, but expensive.

  2. I'm so sorry you have been having a rotten time. And I can understand your frustration about TTNet. I'm crossing fingers for you that all goes better today.
    Big hugs

  3. OH...... no! That is awful news.
    It is the deceit that is the most upsetting thing as well as the absolute unconcern about the welfare of dogs and what you're doing. I don't know how you stand it.
    Hoping your leg will heal without any problem. Do think of your own welfare.

    I'm perplexed about the *government's* worry concerning the pet dog and yet, as you say, it is much more likely that the strays have rabies. I can't understand their mentality at all.
    It's a marvel how you to cope with this all the time.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  4. Ah no! What a rotten lie. :( Sorry to hear about your problems with fleas and the internet and also about your fall. Take care. P xx

    1. We still haven't got to the bottom of it re the dogs Perpetua. I doubt we will. Still there are 5 dogs left in the village and I'll continue to feed them until we can sort something out.


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