Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Ignorant village mentality

This was my status on Facebook early yesterday morning, posted in anger as you can probably tell.

"Just trying to feed a hungry street dog outside my house and the neighbour Sevke comes out and starts throwing stones at it. I hate these f***ing people. I then picked up a stone and made it clear if she threw another one, then I would throw one at her.
Then she proceeds to go on and on about my dogs barking last night. Firstly, it was the noise from her loud guests that caused them to bark, and secondly she should be thankful my dogs act as a deterrent to foxes and other predators, and so protect her chickens.
I hate having to deal with all this on my own. These so-called religious people (and she is one) who pray five times a day are bloody hypocrites.
........and breathe!"

There were a lot of angry words exchanged...mine mostly English swear words...which even though she doesn't understand, actually makes me feel a whole lot better.

This dog is a very placid soul.  He is the only one out of the village dogs who actually approaches me when I go to feed them.  He is not scared of me at all.   He is very trusting and perhaps this is his problem.  It makes him an easy target, and I fear for his safety.   He tries to follow me home every time I go to the village but I gently shoo him away.

Yesterday though he made his own way up to the house and sat waiting patiently for me to appear.  I went down to throw some food over the fence at the front of the garden for him,  resulting in the altercation with Sevke.  Her daughter came out and eventually they both went back into their house.

The dog stayed outside all day.  He was no trouble at all.  I made a couple of attempts to bring him into the garden.  I managed to brush him, apply flea treatment and gave him worm tablets, but it was clear that he and the other dogs would not get on, so he was anxious to go outside again.  He lay in the shade of the wall.  Chickens passed him from time to time and he didn't bat an eyelid.  Quite unusual for a street dog as they normally chase chickens.

The biggest problem was when he moved.  This set all 9 of my dogs barking.   This would clearly cause more of a problem with the neighbours so something needed to be done.   I fed him again in the afternoon at the same time as my dogs.   

Mr A planned to come home last night, and then the car broke down.  Fortunately he got a friend to fix it and arrived home around 8.30 pm.  While I was in the shower around 6.30pm I heard all the dogs barking.  I ran to the window and noticed an old lady from up the hill walking down and the dog running away.  I think it's possible she threw stones at him too.

Mr A went to talk to Sevke.  He remained calm, but said that we were not prepared to tolerate her behaviour towards animals.  I think he tried to educate her rather than have a go at her, which resulted in an apology, so obviously this method seems to do the trick.   We'll see...I don't entirely trust her.

He then set off down to the village to search for the dog.  He found him but it seems the dog is afraid of men and Mr A couldn't get near him.  He phoned me and I went down.   I spent half an hour gently stroking him and coaxing him, and managed to get a lead on him.  Then I lifted him into the car.

Mr A then took him to Milas shelter.  Of course it's not ideal.  I would have liked to have kept him, but it just wasn't possible.  At least now he is safer than being in the village.

I shed a lot of tears yesterday.  I don't like confrontation.   I hate the attitude here towards these dogs and I feel so sad and overwhelmed by it all.  But today's another day, and I have to try to get past the bad experiences and move on.


  1. Well done, friend. I feed stray dogs too. Hugs.

    1. Thanks Maria. I'm always pleased to hear when someone else cares for these animals xx

  2. I can understand your anger and frustration. Animals don't mean a thing to a lot of village people, especially stray dogs and cats. Keep strong, you are doing a wonderful job feeding and protecting these dogs.F.xx

  3. Well done for persevering, Ayak. I'm so glad you were able to get this dog to the shelter. Fingers crossed Mr A has managed to make an impression on Sevka that actually lasts.

    1. I hope he has Perpetua. Only time will tell x

  4. I've come to the conclusion that flighting with neighbours is just a way of life here and if it wasn't about the dogs, it would be something else. However , the day after big fights every unpleasant word seems to be forgotten. One day I may understand.

    1. You are so right BtoB. This has happened to me so many times and while I'm still walking around with a grudge the following day, they have totally forgotten anything was ever said. I don't understand it either.

  5. Well done both of you!!! And you are not alone when it comes to being frustrated by their ignorance. Take a deep breath, bite your teeth together and carry on.

  6. So sorry you have to deal with all this crap all the time and no one else seems to care!

  7. Aww, this makes me teary too. Wonder why their first reaction is fear and violence towards animals?


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