Thursday, 4 September 2014

The end of the season... just around the corner.  The tourist season that is.  The season lasts longer in
some areas but generally it can be anytime between the end of September and the end of October.

The last time I mentioned Mr A and work on here, he was in Kas, having been back and forth between there and Gumbet.  I find it hard to keep up with his movements so you are forgiven if you don't!

Every summer for the past few years has been the same.  He only manages to secure jobs which  just pay commission, which means having to work 16 or 17 hours a day, 7 days week with little or no time off.

At least when he is in Gumbet he tries to get home once a week, but when he goes further afield it's impossible.

Also every year without fail he exchanges his motorbike for a car, which leaves him having to pay the difference over several months.  And also each year until now, by the time the season finishes, he hasn't earned quite enough, so the car is returned or sold and replaced with a motorbike.

Having returned to Kas, he stayed there for just two weeks, returning home last Friday evening.  After a few hours sleep he was back in Gumbet.  The to-ing and fro-ing seems ridiculous, but in one way he has just followed the money.  Finally, on his return home, he managed to pay the last of the money for the car.   So for once we won't have to drive on a motorbike into Milas, in the pouring rain in winter, and then struggle back with several bags of shopping.

So now he has between 20 and 30 days left to work in Gumbet before finishing for the winter. I doubt he will earn a huge amount of money during this time, but it will leave us in a much better position than previous winters.   He also plans to go to Istanbul to work for a couple of months when I return from my trip to England on 2nd November.  He wants to earn money for work that has to be done in the garden to make it more dog friendly.  Areas have to be cemented and a strong fence erected.

After this, his aim is to get out of tourism altogether.  If only his father would sign the tapu (deeds) of the house and land in the village over to us, then we could sell the land and set up a small business, which would give us some security for the future.  This is not going to happen...we have tried everything to persuade my father-in-law, but he won't be moved.  As always he has to be in control.

Mr A has a few ideas about how we could start a business which wouldn't involve a huge cash outlay, but these are just ideas at the moment, and it may mean that he needs to work for the whole winter in Istanbul to earn enough to make this possible.

The weather is slightly cooler at the moment, but humidity is still high, so it's uncomfortable.  There was some rain in Bodrum last night apparently, but unfortunately it missed us here.

A few days ago when I made my regular trip down to the village to feed the dogs, there were none around.  I spent nearly an hour searching for them without success.  I left food in different places hoping they would find it, but I was concerned and feared the worst.

Thankfully, wherever the dogs had disappeared to, they have returned.  This morning they were in the school playground as usual.  I am conscious of the fact that the children go back to school soon, and the dogs will be chased away....and this could well mean them having stones thrown at them, or worse, so this morning I spent time encouraging them out of the playground.   Gradually they came out and I put the food down away from the school.   This is quite a breakthrough, because the dogs are now beginning to trust me. 

I am currently getting through almost 20kg of dried dog food each week for my 9 rescues and the village dogs, together with around 4 kg of pasta, and 4 tins of wet food.  And I use olive oil in the food which I have discovered does wonders for dogs with skin disorders.  When Monty came to us, he had been on medication for his skin was very red, sore and itchy.  The medication didn't work, but since he has had olive oil in his food every day, his skin is now completely clear.

I also have vet bills to pay for flea treatments, worm tablets, and other things that crop up.   I am as always thankful for the donations I receive which enable me to continue to help as many dogs as possible.  I hope to start feeding the dogs on the industrial estate again in October, so of course any donations will be gratefully received.   Thankyou.

PS  I am having problems with commenting on other blogs at the moment.  Sometimes it's possible, and sometimes it's not.  Just letting my blogging friends know that I am still following your blogs, even though I don't always comment.


  1. Glad to hear you will have a car this winter. Will Mr A leave it with you when he goes to Istanbul. Im going to start putting olive oil in Jake's food. He's susceptible to skin irritations too.

    1. Yes he'll leave the car here BtoB, but I didn't renew my UK driving license when the photo needed to be redone, a couple of years ago. (Although I might be tempted to use the back roads...ssshhh).. But even if I use the dolmus for shopping and leave the car down in the village, at least I can use it to get up the hill to the house.

      I swear by olive oil in their food. If you could have seen Monty's skin then...and as it is now, you'd be amazed.

  2. Your wretched FIL! Mean spirited piece of work....

    1. Yes he is Helen, but it's very unlikely he'll change now.

      For some unknown reason your comment ended up in my Spam box. Blogger becomes more irritating by the day

  3. We are off to our villa in Turkey tonight, looking forward to 2 weeks of sun. Hope Mr A and yourself get the money to get started in your new business venture xxx

    1. Thanks auntiegwen. Safe journey and have a lovely time xx

  4. I'm glad the approaching end of the season is more positive than in past years, Ayak. Having a car over the winter will make a big difference. It's a shame that FiL is a control freak, as a small local business would be such a good thing for you both. Fingers crossed that it may be possible in any case...

    1. Thanks Perpetua. Our fingers are firmly crossed too in the hope that we can sort something out xx


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