Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Winter feeding programme underway

This morning we went up to the industrial estate on the main road to check on the numbers of dogs currently living there.

During the summer months we had an arrangement with the cafe owner.  He continued to feed most of the dogs leftovers, and we dropped off sacks of food from time to time to supplement this.  Mr A kept in touch with him by phone to make sure all the dogs were OK.

You will of course remember the pups we rescued back in February when they were 4 weeks old.   One was adopted by the cafe owner and taken to his village, and three were adopted by people in our village.  The remaining three pups we brought home to add to our brood.  We named them Chas, Dave and Melek, bringing the total of rescues we have at home to nine.   The pups are now nearly 9 months old, and continue to grow at a rapid rate.  All our dogs have been vaccinated and have pet passports, and have also been neutered.

Sadly within the past week, the pup belonging to the cafe owner died.  He has no idea why, as he was quite healthy, but we suspect he may have been poisoned.  Unfortunately this  happens in many areas in Turkey, and it's difficult to prevent if someone is determined enough.  

The three pups adopted in the village continue to thrive.  We are also continuing to feed other dogs in the village.  We often have to search for them because they are invariably chased away from the centre of the village.  If we don't see them one day, we leave food in areas where we know they will find it.

So, there were a total of 23 dogs at the industrial estate this morning.  Most of them we recognise from last winter, but there are a few new ones.   We fed all of them.  Most were not desperately hungry, but a few were.

We had intended to have the mum of our pups spayed earlier this year, after we had taken the pups, and an appointment was arranged with the vet to carry this out.  On the day we went to collect her, she had disappeared.  Not wanting to waste the appointment, we picked up two more females and took them to be spayed instead.

We continued each day to search for the mum, but she remained elusive.   Although the cafe owner informed us that she was still around.  We learned today that she recently had another litter of pups, but the good news is that the Belediye vet was informed, and she and her babies were collected from the estate and taken to the shelter in Milas.

At the other end of the estate, we found a man who is feeding a large kangal type dog and three others.  He brings scraps from home, but it's not enough because these dogs need fattening up a bit.  So we are going to start taking sacks of food on a regular basis for him to continue.

This exercise was always going to be about getting people to take some responsibility for these dogs.  It's too easy for us to go every day and feed them, but far better when others show that they want to help them survive.

So the winter programme will be for us to feed all the village dogs every day.  No-one in our village will take responsibility for this.  We will then go up to the industrial estate once a week to check on the dogs there, administer flea and worm treatments, and to take sacks of food for those kind men who have agreed to help.  In time we hope to be able to get more of these dogs neutered, hopefully by the Belediye vet.  If not, we will arrange for our vet to carry out the operations, finances permitting.

A huge thankyou once again to all of you who have donated this year to enable us to continue this work.  It is so very much appreciated, and without your kindness it would be impossible to go on helping these animals.  

If you would like to donate, you will find a Paypal button at the top of this page.  Thankyou everyone for your continued support.

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