Tuesday, 11 November 2014


From time to time I get emails from people who have started up websites to help expats.

They tell me that they enjoy my blog and could I answer some questions which will be of help to others thinking of moving abroad, and to tell of my experiences, including photographs if possible.

I have responded to one or two in the past.  I was rewarded with their little logos to stick on my sidebar.  I was even awarded a Bronze medal once for an article.

There were competitions on one such website to write about some aspect of living as an expat.  I entered one, and discovered that these weren't necessarily judged on merit, but one had to get others to vote on Facebook.  The number of votes cast would go a long way to determine the winner.

I'm not sure these people actually read my blog.  I believe they just search for expat blogs and send out their standard email, then gather the results which then provides content for their websites.

There's nothing wrong with all this of course.  These websites probably do help a lot of people, but they are not for me.   I have politely declined the latest request.  I don't feel that I have anything to offer expats.  I don't live as an expat.  My life is simple and mostly consists of rescuing and feeding street dogs.   So any interview given by me would probably not be of much interest to those about to emigrate who want to know about all the practicalities of health insurance, buying or renting property, etc.

I do have a few expat friends, but these friendships are really based on what we have in common, rather than because we are all expats.

These interviews also make me a little uncomfortable.  I feel they are intrusive, particularly in terms of the kinds of personal questions asked, and the request for photos.

Like most of my blogging friends, I don't use my real name for blogging.  (Although many of you do know my name through our friendships on Facebook, or by email, and some of you I have been fortuate enough to meet in person).

It's this little bit of anonymity that allows us to share aspects of our life on our blogs that perhaps we wouldn't if we were writing under our real names.

So I have removed the little expat website logos from my blog.  It may mean that I don't have such a wide circulation of my blog link, but I'm happy with that, and with those who already follow me.

Have you received these requests for interviews?  I'm sure some of you have very different opinions to mine, so I would be interested to hear them.


  1. Yes, but as they refer to the blogs I closed down some time ago I think that that rather makes your point about their real level of interest!

    1. Exactly Helen. It's just a way of adding content to their website with the work being done by others. Easy money I think.

  2. I don't like it when people pretend to be genuine but aren't. I don't blame you for not responding. Neither would I.
    I think we all stick to people who have something in common. I know you are an animal lover and so am I. I often think of my rabbits and hope they are safe (especially around bonfire night) They used to get very scared.
    I don't suppose you get fireworks going off in turkey? Ever?
    Maggie x


    1. I'm afraid we get more than our fair share of fireworks Maggie...all year round. There has been a wedding in the village every weekend since the start of the summer. They last for two days and fireworks seem to be the in thing...together with gunfire which is just as bad. The animals hate it of course. I'm sure your rabbits are OK. You did the right thing when you decided to find them a good home...don't worry xxx

  3. I think it depends why you blog. I would never assume that everyone blogs for the same reason. Our last post got written because Hilary's mother (who is not on FB) demanded to see pictures of the new kitchen!
    I guess we are expats by the strict definition (we do not live in the country where we were born) but I think of myself more as an immigrant. I'm not sure what the difference between and expat and an immigrant is anyway.

    1. I'm not entirely sure of the difference between the two either Ashley, but maybe immigrant best describes someone who has integrated and become more part of the country and culture, whereas the word expat makes me think of groups of foreigners who tend to stick together rather than integrate. Of course I know that this isn't always the case.

      There are of course many different reasons why people blog. I do so primarily for myself, as a kind of diary and a way of expressing my thoughts out loud. Some blog for financial gain...although more recently I could be considered to be in that category as my blog has helped me raise money for my dog rescue project. Others seem very concerned about the number of followers they have, and strive to get more. They'll constantly talk about how many page views they have reached...I couldn't honestly tell you how many views my blog has received without checking. It's not important to me.

      Oh and I remember your kitchen in it's previous state. The job you have done is marvellous. I love it. xx

  4. I had a few when I first started but none for ages. The only thing I get more of these days is spam comments which fill up my inbox.

    1. Funny you should mention spam comments BtoB, because when I did give interviews in the past, I had much more spam, rather than the generating of genuine readers.

  5. I've never been asked for an interview, Ayak, but from time to time I get emails asking me to write a guest post for some website or other or to host a guest post, presumably selling some service or product. They all get the same answer, a polite but firm no.

    1. Yes I've had those too Perpetua. I have published a couple of guest posts before now, and had an ad or two on my sidebar for a while,for which I was paid (not much I hasten to add) but justified it because it went towards feeding the dogs. But I have turned down quite a few because the content just didn't sit right with me.


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