Friday, 21 November 2014

It never rains, but it pours ....

....literally and metaphorically.

We did get some rain this week.  Quite a lot, but the sun is shining today and it's gradually drying out.

It's been a week of problems with the car, and workwise for Mr A.  There has been no work at the boatyard since Tuesday, and we are not certain when it will start again.  Needless to say, Mr A still hasn't been paid, but he's hopeful it will be today.  I'm my usual pessimistic self when it comes to Mr A being we'll see.

He had an appointment at Mugla hospital yesterday at 9.00am.  When he returned to the car, it wouldn't start.  He managed to find a mechanic who said that it needed a new dynamo.  He settled for a secondhand replacement, because a new one was just too expensive.  It took pretty much all day to fix, during which time he called in on his cousin and her husband who live in Mugla.  Every cloud...etc.... His cousin's husband owns a tool shop and gave Mr A a tilecutter and another drill type thingy (I'm not into tools), which will be very useful once our business takes off.

Mr A thought he had a job over in Yalikavak for today, but unfortunately the customer decided to use someone local, which is fair enough.  It's only to be expected that this will happen from time to time.

When Mr A returned home from Mugla last night, he hit a fair amount of rain on his journey and as he was almost here he went through huge puddle and the car stopped.  A friend came out from the village to tow him back.  He is as I type, down in the village drying out the engine with my hairdryer (please let the hairdryer come home without any damage!).  There are always problems with our cars, but we only ever have old ones to it's inevitable.  Oh for a lottery win and a brand new car without problems!

As a result of my last post I received a few more donations.  Thankyou so much everyone for your lovely response.  As a result, we were able to get necessary treatments from our vet.

Also, Melek and Dave had quite a nasty fight this week.  It's really my fault.  I bought bones from the supermarket for my rescues and the village dogs.

The 7 big dogs were given a bone each.  (Monty and Tommy have chewsticks rather than bones as they are small).

This is the first time that Chas, Dave and Melek have had bones.  They were very excited and enjoyed chewing them for a couple of hours.   However, once Dave had finished his he attempted to take Melek's and she wasn't happy.  She attacked him and it took both Mr A and I armed with a broom and the hosepipe to seperate them.  As a result Dave had some puncture wounds on his face and ear, which I treated with antibacterial powder.

Just to make sure, we got an antibiotic injection from the vet, and the wounds are healing up nicely.  If I decide to give them bones in future, I will attach them to the chains I use for them when I feed them.   It was a stupid mistake of mine not to do this first...but I've learned my lesson.  

We also got an injection and course of tablets to treat the brown village dog with bad skin, and this has been started.  We  got Monty's booster vaccinations done, and  Mehmet cut both Monty's and Tommy's nails free of charge.  

We have decided that Mr A will use Mehmet's tranquilliser gun to sedate the dog with the broken leg, but we are awaiting the return of the gun from another customer.  This dog remains elusive.  He didn't appear for feeding last night, but probably will today.  It's still difficult to get him to come close, so the gun will hopefully be the answer.

As soon as we are able to capture him, he will be taken to Mehmet's for any treatment necessary.  At the same time he will be neutered and vaccinated.

It is our dearest wish to make sure that all village dogs are neutered or spayed and vaccinated this winter.  With your help we can make this happen, so your donations really are making a difference and of course more are always needed. (As usual you will find the Paypal button at the top of this page).

Thankyou xxx


  1. from kıbrıs----lında,ı started gettıng very dry skın especıally on my feet so now ı do them regularly wıth a bıt of olıve oıl--ı just sıt there wıth an old washıng up bowl rubbıng my feet together wıth a bıt of the oıl sprınkled on them--ıts makıng a good dıfference xx kıb

    1. Hi Kibris. I'm afraid since my post about my feet I've been neglecting them a bit. I'll really have to start taking more care of them. Olive oil is so good for most things isn't it? One of my dogs, Monty, had a bad skin condition when he came to me, and olive oil in his food every day has cleared it up. xx

  2. Hope Mr A has received his pay packet by now.

  3. Ncei Post Dear.... I like Your post..... Thanks for sharing this post with us.....

  4. You're doing amazing things for the dogs. Keep up the hard work!

    1. Thanks Trisha...I'll do my best :-)


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