Saturday, 8 November 2014

This week's update

I mentioned in my last post that Mr A had been unwell recently.  He had made several trips to the hospital while I was in England and was due an ultrasound yesterday.

I'm afraid we are both dreadful at getting things checked out when we should, and just put it off until it becomes painful or a nuisance.  I have also been suffering from pains in my chest and heartburn on and off for months, but in recent weeks the condition has been constant.

We decided that yesterday would be a good time to check me out at the hospital too.

We spent almost all day there.  Mr A's ultrasound showed that he has two very large cysts on his liver.  These will be monitored for any change, and may mean surgery.  He has to go back in one month.  He also has an enlarged prostate, which will also be checked again.  He has to start a low cholesterol diet...which will be hard for this man who loves his food...but it's important to keep him healthy,

I saw a doctor about my problem, and he also examined my stomach.  At one point he pressed an area which was so painful that I nearly shot through the roof. I was sent for blood and urine tests and an ultrasound.  The result was a urinary tract infection and a kidney infection.  I then saw a urologist and prescribed lots of medication (as usual Turkish doctors over-medicate).  I did have back and stomach pain after I arrived back from England, but had put it down to lifting my luggage...seems this wasn't the case.

As for the heartburn, the ultrasound showed a gastric/oesphagus problem and I am booked for an endoscopy next Friday.  The results will arrive 15 days after that, at around the time Mr A has another visit to the hospital, so we will go together again.  

I love it that we are doing things together for a change...but wish it was something a little more pleasant than hospital visits!

Whilst waiting for test results, we took the opportunity to feed some cats in the hospital grounds.   We always carry food in the boot of the car.

This week Mr A started work at a boatyard in Gulluk, renovating boats.  He is working with his builder friend Bulent.  It's Bulent's contract so he is paying Mr A a daily rate.  Not a huge amount, but Bulent provides transport and food.  Obviously Mr A would like to start getting his own building work, but this job is very useful in the meantime.  

And as usual Mr A the dog magnet, made friends with a local dog.

We continue to feed the village dogs.....this is one dog who is not as scared as some of the others, and allowed Mr A to take a photo.

As we are trying to make sure that we have enough food to feed dogs through the winter, we are not feeding the industrial estate dogs every day.  They are being fed scraps by workers on the estate, and we are dropping off sacks of food to supplement this, as and when finances permit.

We also gave a small bag of dog food to one of the local shepherds this week for his dog.  This man looks after his dog as best he can, but I felt he needed fattening up a bit, so I'll keep a eye on him.  

Our neighbour, Dursune is feeding half a dozen cats with scraps.  I've also given her some food too, and will help whenever I can.

So that's all my news for now.  Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. You two going to the hospital together reminds me of an old cartoon where husband and wife are propelled through the roof of their house as the gas cooker blows up...first time we've been out together for ages...

    Still it sounds as though you've caught up on a whole raft of things needing do take care, both of you.

    1. Haha yes it's a bit like that Helen. It's the first time in so long we've spent a whole day together!

  2. You made me laugh when you said you love that you're doing something together! Obviously a full service is in order for you both...and then hopefully you'll both be as good as new. You'll be looking after each other as well as the dogs, I hope! Wishing you all the best. Axxx

    1. Thanks Annie. It's not exactly a romantic day together, but at least it's getting things sorted out. xx

  3. As you say not a romantic way to spend a day together but a very necessary and worthwhile one nonetheless. I'm glad some diagnoses have been made and that further tests will be carried out. Good health is precious and worth looking after as best we can.

    1. Yes you are so right Perpetua and we really must make sure we don't just ignore these things in future xx

  4. Wishing you lots of better health and happy days together.

  5. I am pleased to find your blog. I chose to attend college in Turkey for a year and Turkey has a special place in my heart. I hope you and your husband are in good health, and I like your project to feed dogs and cats.

    1. Hello Terra and a warm welcome to my blog. Thankyou for your kind words xx


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