Tuesday, 18 November 2014



During the past week or so a few more dogs have arrived in the village.   They have not been made welcome by people here.   I use the word "people" loosely because I am yet again dismayed at the cruelty inflicted on innocent animals by so called human beings.

Three of the dogs were in a bad way.  Mr A has attempted to find out what happened to two of the dogs, and although people know, no-one will disclose who injured them.

This dog has had his leg deliberately broken:
The photo is not clear as this poor dog just runs when anyone approaches 

This dog has been shot:

And this poor dog is simply starving.

The dog whose leg is broken is very scared.  He doesn't always appear when Mr A goes to feed, and even if he does, food has to be placed on the ground and Mr A must retreat before the dog comes near.  He really is in need of medical treatment...if we can catch him.

Recent attempts to get the Belediye vet to take in more dogs in need of care have not worked, nor has the pressure put on the leader of the Belediye (council) produced any results.  In fact you may recall my mentioning in a previous post that the council leader recently visited the village and Mr A pointed out the problem with the dogs, and the leader suggested poisoning them.

He should know better.  He must be aware of the law in this country that is supposed to protect street animals, and that anyone being deliberately cruel or attempting to kill the dogs is likely to be prosecuted.

Mr A has written about these dogs on our village Facebook page and made it clear that according to the law, anyone discovered being cruel to the street animals will be reported, and that we will not stop until we find out who injured the two dogs above.

We have no choice but to try and get our vet to help us.  Mr A is still trying to gain the confidence of the dog with the broken leg when he appears so that he can catch him and take him to the clinic and Mehmet has agreed do whatever necessary to make sure this dog has no more pain.

The little thin dog seems to have perked up in the last couple of days.  He has  been wormed and  is eating well now.  He has a problem with his skin and we think it could be mange.  I am collecting injections and medication from the vet tomorrow.

Mr A also wormed the dog who was shot.  He has examined the wound which appears to have healed well.  He is eating and gradually appearing healthier.  We will watch him closely and if necessary get Mehmet to check him over.

Most of our donation money has now been used to stock up with food for the winter feeding programme.  We made use of special offers on food at various supermarkets recently, to buy as many sacks of food as cheaply as possible.

If we are going to attempt to get these dogs the treatment they so desperately require, we need more money.   Please help if you can.  You will find the Paypal button at the top of this page.


Mr A continues to work at the boatyard, although this really depends on the weather.  Because of rain, and the resultant muddy conditions, he has only managed 8 days work out of a possible 17 ...but it is better than nothing.

Of course he hasn't been paid yet.  His friend Bulent has the contract and agreed to pay Mr A 70 lira a day.   Bulent hasn't yet been paid by his customer so he is waiting and Mr A is waiting...this is par for the course.   He has also just told me that he has no work there for a few days from tomorrow.   We are more than used to all this unpredictability!

 There are other possible jobs in the pipeline, but nothing definite as yet.

Finally, yesterday I met up with my friend Elizabeth in Bodrum.  She and two friends travelled from Didim and we had a lovely few hours together.  A very good lunch and a stroll along the harbour on what turned out to be a beautiful sunny day.  Elizabeth, a natural dog magnet, (she has adopted several dogs from Turkey who now live with her in Scotland), saved scraps from lunch and fed a couple of dogs on our stroll.

I must say, the street dogs in Bodrum all seem very healthy and happy...quite a difference from our local dogs.

Elizabeth and me
Thankyou Elizabeth for the dog chews and collars for my dogs, and for the generous donation from you and Robert.

And thankyou everyone who has donated since last winter.  Without your help, none of this would be possible.

It's a beautiful morning here, just perfect for sitting on my balcony while I write this post.   We are having some lovely sunny days at the moment, but it's cold at night so the electric blanket is now in use.

That's all my news for now.


  1. It must be heartbreaking to see evidence of cruelty like this, whether deliberate or caused by ignorance. I do hope you can catch the dog with the broken leg, Ayak. As for the council leader, he should be ashamed of himself. the law is the law and it's his job to uphold it. Grrr!

    1. Of course if he is quoted Perpetua, he would probably say he wasn't serious or was joking, but even so it's in very poor taste. I suspect he meant it. We won't let this go I can assure you x

  2. The news about the new dogs in the village is heartbreaking Ayak. You must feel so frustrated and so bloody angry . However.... your day with Elizabeth will have done you a power of good, I am sure. Having such good days gives us strength to try to deal with the rubbish eh ? Take care. Jxxx

    1. It certainly does help Janice. I came home yesterday feeling happy and ready to face whatever gets thrown at me...let's hope the feeling lasts xx

  3. No wonder you feel so angry!

  4. So sad - I hope you get near to the dogs that are suffering. Sorry to miss you in Bodrum. we are here now so give me a ring if you come back. (my phone cancelled all my numbers so I don't have your mobile anymore)

    1. I've sent you a message Annie so you have my number again. Hope to see you soon xx

  5. Oh those poor dogs! I'm glad they have you and Mr A at any rate.
    Renovating boats sounds like fun -- just hope he gets paid soon. Hope your infections have all cleared up, too!


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