Thursday, 27 November 2014

Thursday Update and a new addition to our family!

Firstly Bob:

There isn't very much to report on Bob, other than he is hanging in there and seems to be doing OK.,  Slowly but surely.  There are no signs that the infection has spread as yet, so clearly Mehmet is keeping it under control.   We are avoiding popping into the clinic too much.  They are very busy there and we are always reluctant to interrupt their work.  We get phone updates from Mehmet, and if there was any cause for concern he would let us know.  Otherwise, we leave him to get on with the job that he does so well.

We are gradually naming the "regulars" who stand waiting for Mr A to feed them every evening.  The dog who was shot is called Pasha, the brown dog is called Kahve, and another female who I don't seem to have a photo for is called Cindy (this was decided upon by Mr A who has always had a bit of a crush on  Cindy Crawford!).  Cindy is a retriever type dog who has had several litters of pups.  She was amongst those gathered up by the Belediye some time ago and taken to the Milas shelter to be spayed.  She has the ear tag to signify this.

She was very thin when she was returned from the shelter and has been fed well by us since, and is now very healthy....and no more litters...I'm sure she's had enough of being pregnant!

There are around 9 or 10 other dogs roaming the village, but we don't always see them.  Occasionally they turn up, but they appear to be well so we assume they are finding food from somewhere.  We feed them anyway.

Two more new dogs appeared last night.  One seems to have a bad leg, but he disappeared as fast as he came, so Mr A couldn't get close enough to examine him.

The other new one is a Kangal, who, because of his size, caused the men in the teahouse to stand clear.  Mr A however has no fear, and here he is making friends with him. I'm thinking of calling him Aydin, as here he is outside the Aydin teahouse.

Isn't he a big boy?

We will of course feed him and any others that appear, and try to catch any who need vet treatment.

Mr A and I discussed the possibility of building some kind of shelter down in the village for the dogs, and to put blankets inside.  Somewhere for them to seek refuge from the rain and cold.   Sadly it's something we don't dare attempt to do, because Mr A tells me that the men in the village blame everything on the street dogs.  They say they kill and eat their chickens.  They probably did when they were starving, but we know that when dogs get regular food every day, they tend to stop doing this.  My rescues at home were the same.  Now they have no interest in the chickens.

If we were to provide a shelter, Mr A says the men would know where to find them and there would be a risk of them being shot.  We have a lot of derelict houses in the village and we are pretty sure the dogs move around from one to the other to find shelter and stay safe.

Finally, we are collecting another pup in desperate need tonight.  This little boy, Fistik, is about 10 weeks old.  He was originally in a shelter and taken by a volunteer for fostering as he had an infection.  This was cleared up with vet treatment. One of the other pups being fostered developed an infection and Fistik was removed from the fosterer to avoid cross infection,  This was the plea for help from Chris at the Marmaris Animal Welfare group on Tuesday:

URGENT PLEA FOR A FOSTER CARER FOR FISTIK - Fistik was being fostered by Rachel  along with Siyah, two pups from the Pound. Another foster home had been found for Fistik but this has unfortunately fallen through. We now have a dilemma, as Siyah is not well and to avoid cross infection Rachel can't take Fistik back. Please please is there anyone who can foster for a few weeks while a permanent home is found?
Fistik is tiny, he's going to be a very small dog. If a foster home can't be found TODAY then he will have to return to the Pound, where he will have to sleep in the rat infested portacabin as there's nowhere he can go which is safe as he's so small.
He's a lovely little pup, loves being carried around, almost a tea cup pup!
Please please can anyone help?
 Tiny Fistik

I offered to give him a permanent home, as it is well know that these tiny dogs do not do well in shelters, and often don't survive.  I had already made plans to go to Koycegiz this coming Sunday for the Christmas Fayre, and we were to collect Sonia from Gokova Animal Rescue on the way.   So pleas for a temporary foster until Sunday were put out on Facebook, and Chris managed to find someone in Marmaris to keep him until then.

This fosterer fell in love with Fistik and asked if she could keep him.  I was asked if I minded, which of course I didn't.  The aim was to find a home for this little guy, and that seemed to have been we hoped this would be his happy ending.  The power of Facebook never ceases to amaze me.  Good teamwork by Marmaris Animal Welfare too.

I was contacted this morning and informed that the placement had not worked out, and would I still take him.  Of course I said I would, and Mr A felt that the sooner we collected him the better.  He needs to be house trained, and there has been so much disruption already in his short life.    

So this evening when Mr A finishes work, we are attempting to arrange for us to drive to Gokova.  We will meet up with Sonia (which I am looking forward to), and hopefully Chris will be able to drive from Marmaris to meet us with Fistik.
Plans are yet to be finalised, but hopefully Fistik will be with us tonight or as soon as possible.

We weren't looking for another dog.  I would have loved to have given a home to Bob once his treatment is finished, but having twice attempted to take in big dogs in recent months it has proved impossible.  My 7 big dogs just won't accept them.  Bob will be vulnerable after everything he has been through so I can't risk bringing him here where the others might attack him.

We will try our utmost to find a home for him, but if not will put him back in the village in his familiar surroundings and continue to care for him along with the others.

Fistik will be fine.  There is room on the bed for another little one with Monty and Tommy, and all the big dogs are tolerant of the little ones and accept them readily.

So ......... then there were 10!!!



  1. Thank you so much Linda and your husband Mr A - looking forward to our service station meet up later on with our precious cargo - you have both been so wonderful, it will be a pleasure to finally meet you Chris Mazlum. xx

    1. It was a pleasure for us too Chris and it went very well didn't it?

  2. you are an amazing lady x

    1. Thankyou, but I think there are a lot of people doing far more than we do for the dogs and cats in Turkey. It all helps x

  3. I wonder what would happen it I brought Jake round for a visit - do you think he'd be allowed in to this big party of 10?

    1. Well ofcourse if you read my latest post BtoB you'll see that it's now 11. Once we have split up the areas for the dogs, Jake will be most welcome. I think he would be fine with the four little ones and they would definitely be pleased to see him.


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