Friday, 28 November 2014

Two Fistiks for the price of one! And now there are 11!

As arranged we set off to Gokova last night to collect the tiny dog Fistik, mentioned in my last post.

Chris and Pat, volunteers with the Marmaris Animal Rescue group, drove up from Marmaris with Fistik to meet us and also Sonia from Gokova Animal Rescue group.  We all went back to Sonia's house and the dogs played happily together, even with all of Sonia's rescue cats around (although Tommy couldn't resist barking at them).

Those of you on Facebook may recall my sharing a post of Sonia's about a dog she has been fostering, and bringing back to good health...a little girl...also called Fistik.  Here is the Facebook post:

 I hate doing this but I have had to chain Fistik. I can't keep her safe here, my balcony is not enclosed and I don't have a secure garden. I can't keep her shut in the house either, because the door and window is always open for the cats and she gets out of the window!. She is far too small and it is to dangerous for her to be wandering the streets alone for over 3 hours. Fistik needs more time and attention than I can give her, she so desperately needs a home where she will be someone's companion dog. She is only small, cute and such a happy little doggie. Please share and lets see if together we can find her a forever home.

We all fell in love with Fistik and we decided that we would adopt her too.  Little Fistik's name has now been changed to avoid confusion to Tiny Tim...or Timmy as we have started calling him.

After a pleasant evening at Sonia's we set off for the journey back home.

Mr A and I. From left to right Tommy, Monty and Fistik. (I'm holding Timmy.  Isn't he tiny?)
Timmy slept on my lap in the front of the car, whilst the other three slept on the back seat, curled up in a travel crate that Sonia has loaned me in case I need to use it for Timmy if we go out.   (I must try to get a proper dog cage for Timmy, but the crate will do in the meantime).

The journey took a bit longer than expected as there was a traffic police stop on the way.  We were stuck there for half an hour and it turned out that one of Mr A's papers was two days out of a 60 lira fine.  Just what we needed!

We arrived home at about 11.30pm and I waited in the car with the 4 little ones whilst Mr A put Chas, Dave and Melek on their feeding chains, to enable us to bring the newbies inside on leads to go to toilet in the garden...which they didn't because all the dogs were barking, including my 4 big ones and this was pretty intimidating.

We will introduce them all within the next couple of days when they have all calmed down.

We then brought them into the house, along with the crate, two dog beds, and various other useful items that Sonia gave me.

Two wees and one poo on the carpet...not sure who did them...but cleaned up and off to bed.   Tommy and Monty adore's like they've always been together.  All three slept on the bed and at some point during the night Fistik jumped down and settled in her own bed in the corner.  Timmy settled straight away into his bed.  I woke up a 5.30am as he was throwing up...I suspect due to him tucking into the cat biscuits at Sonia's house!    There was a wee and poo on the floor, actually right by the door so that's a good sign.   Also Fistik has done a wee and poo in the kitchen this morning.  She is house trained but naturally she is wary of going out into the garden so soon, so it's no problem.

I have put the travel crate on the balcony and left the balcony door open so that they can wander in and out today, but otherwise I will keep them inside.   Mr A has gone to work, and I have come back to bed with my laptop.  Tommy, Monty and Fistik are asleep on the bed next to me, and little Timmy is asleep in his bed on the floor.....peace!  I don't know how long it will last, but I'll make the most of it!

Tomorrow Mr A will start yet again on adapting our garden to suit all the dogs.  More fencing and metal posts to buy to create another separate area for Chas, Dave and Melek where their shelter and kennels are situated.  But this will also have a gate into the large area at the back so that they can join Sammy. Megan, Blondie and Freddie during the day to play, then back to their area at night to sleep.  This will leave the driveway and front of the house for Monty, Tommy, Fistik and Timmy.   When both Mr A and I are around, we will gradually get all the dogs together to allow them to socialise.  The most important thing is for them all to be happy and safe.

Can you remember all the times I've rescued a dog and I've said "that's more"?   Mr A and I keep saying it to each other over and over again.  Who are we kidding?   We are completely mad but we and our furry family are happy so that's all that really matters isn't it?

And then there were 11.....


  1. So lovely to meet you last night and what a result!!! Both dogs have got a wonderful new home and watching them all playing together was a delight! Even with hissing g cats! Sorry to hear about your fine, there were police on the Marmaris road too, it's the end of the month so quotas to achieve! Look forward to more photos. Chris Mazlum xxxx

    1. Thankyou Chris and it was a real pleasure to meet you and Pat last night. A successful evening with a good result!

  2. 11 down - 89 to go! You two are quite bonkers - lucky doggies.

    1. Yep that's us..completely mad :-)

  3. Gosh, what a saga, Ayak! l'm trying to catch up on blogs and can't believe how much has happened in a week. l can see why you couldn't resist the two Fistiks.

    1. They are both adorable Perpetua! I'm also way behind on blogs...just can't seem to find the time at the moment. You have a good excuse at the moment with your arm....hope it's getting better xx

  4. Mad as hatters the pair of you...but in the nicest possible way...just think what you have done not just for the 'home' dogs, but all the others that you help.
    The two latest are just gorgeous...and what;s a wee between friends!

  5. More weeks and pops today but no problem. I let Monty and fistik into the dog free part of the garden today and they've had such fun digging huge holes. You should see the state of them!

  6. Blast predictive text. Should read wees and poos!


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