Sunday, 30 November 2014

UPDATE on the new members of the family

It's only been two whole days since our new guys Timmy and Fistik arrived, and it's been quite hard work!  

Friday really consisted of my keeping them apart from the 3 big pups as they were all wary of each other, and cleaning up wees and poos.  Fistik is already house trained, but was a little nervous about going outside to the toilet so we had a few accidents in the house.  Timmy is yet to be house trained and as his former fosterer, Rachel, will confirm he assumes it's OK to do wees and poos wherever he likes!

Mr A set off to work but rain stopped play so he returned a couple of hours later.  We took Timmy and Fistik to see our vet, Mehmet.  As Sonia thought, Fistik is about 4 years old, and we established that Timmy is 3 months old.  They were both vaccinated and issued with their pet passports.  I have also given them both flea treatments and Timmy is being wormed.

We bought some more metal posts and chainlink fencing and Mr A started work on separating another area of the garden.  He worked until it was too dark to see and it's not finished yet.

Timmy settles well at night in his bed, and Monty, Tommy and Fistik sleep on the bed, with Fistik jumping down at some point during the night to settle in her own bed.

Yesterday we were up as usual just after 5 am.  We put the loaned travel crate with some cushions down in the enclosed front garden under the gazebo (this part of the garden is intended to be a dog free zone...some hope!)  and put Fistik and Tommy in there.  Monty insisted on joining them and after a while Tommy came back into the house.  Monty and Fistik stayed there all day and had so much fun digging huge holes in the garden.  To be honest, this was really Monty teaching Fistik how to dig.  He did this with the 3 big pups.  Isn't he clever!!!

I put my clothes airer across the balcony steps as a temporary gate to keep Timmy safe and then proceeded to clean the house a was such a mess.  My friends David and Abdu came over and brought a cage for Timmy.  They were totally enamoured with Timmy and if I hadn't had my wits about me I think they might have popped him in a pocket and taken him home.

After they had gone I set up the cage on the balcony and made it comfortable.  Timmy wandered in and out all day.   I thought that as he is so small (smaller than a cat) I would try using a cat litter tray for toilet training.  It didn't really work, so more pees and poos elsewhere.

Feeding times take a little longer with two additions.  Dave, Chas and Melek are put on chains for feeding.  I also do this if they have chewsticks now as Dave and Melek tend to fight over them, and we have had a couple of nips on ears.   Monty and Fistik were fed under the gazebo, Tommy in the kitchen, Timmy on the balcony, then I took food out to Megan, Sammy, Blondie and Freddy in their area at the back as usual.  Both Timmy and Fistik are eating well, although Timmy nibbles on his small dog biscuits throughout the day.  None of the others attempt to eat his food.

I brought Fistik and Monty inside one at a time, first having to wash their extremely muddy feet on the balcony.

Last night they all settled well again.  We were up this morning just after 5am.  No wees or poos at all on the bedroom floor.   Mr A took Monty, Tommy and Fistik down to the front garden to go to the toilet.  I carried Timmy down there inside my dressing gown, put him on the ground and he immediately had a wee.  Good boy!   I brought him back inside and we had coffee.  He started to fidget a bit so I took him back down to the garden and he immediately had a poo.  Of course I don't expect this to be the end of house training, but it's certainly a good start.

It's now 6.45am and we have all come back to bed.  Mr A isn't working today so intends to finish the fencing.   So far so good!  Here are a few photos for those who haven't seen them on Facebook.

Timmy in his new hoody

Fistik is Daddy's girl and just loves a tummy rub

Time for bed for Monty (top), Tommy and Fistik

Fistik and must be love! (with Monty looking on)

Bedtime for Timmy


  1. I had a little dog who as good as gold re wees and poos when I was there but at night or when alone would 'go' anywhere. Then a puppy was bought into the family who came to us house trained. Within 2 weeks so was the older dog!!!! I am sure you know this but may well work with your newbie. Love the blogs...and the dogs. Best wishes to you all!!!!!..

    1. I didn't really know that Mary, but I do notice how dogs will copy each other so maybe this will work with Timmy....lets hope so. And welcome to my blog x

  2. We took on an English setter years ago..he was deaf, had no idea of house training...but the other dogs soon saw to that. They went out, he went out, and they didn't let him in again until he had performed. They were sure that they weren't going to get the blame!
    He had been left alone in a house all day - so had amused himself as best he could by taking pieces of coal up to bed with him...or opening the fridge and taking eggs up to bed likewise...but with company and attention he settled down into a happy (fairly) normal dog.

    1. Dogs are so clever aren't they Helen? I've been popping him down into the garden at frequent intervals today and Monty (who always watches over the new ones) was following him around watching what he was doing. We've only had one wee on the balcony today, none in the house, so that's pretty good going. I'm sure you're right and the others will make sure he does it right x

  3. It sounds like Timmy is learning fast, Ayak, and of course he has plenty of role models.I'm glad the newcomers are settling in so well.

    1. He is quite a character Perpetua and a bright little chap so I'm sure he'll learn the ropes from the others quite quickly.

  4. You certainly have your work cut out now with 11 dogs to look after.
    They do look adorable though.
    Maggie x

    1. They are lovely Maggie...all of them....and yes it is very hard work but we do get so much satisfaction from them xx

  5. This all sounds like a very positive start for the life of your even larger extended family Ayak. I hope the wees and poos situation remains positive for you ! Jx

    1. The toilet training is going pretty well Janice. Timmy is a bright little thing and is learning fast. Only the odd accident now, more to do with my not getting him outside fast enough! He sleeps all night without any accidents at all.


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