Friday, 26 December 2014

And the cruelty continues

The dogs that are fed every day in the village by Mr A have been disappearing.  He has been concerned for three or four days by their non-appearance at feeding time.

Last night he did some investigating.  He made some phone calls and he talked to the men in the teahouse.   He now has allies amongst the teahouse men.  They see him feed the dogs and his interaction with them and their mentality is slowly starting to change.

Do you remember this lovely kangal?  Mr A has become particularly fond of him.  We gave him flea and worm treatments and put a collar on him. He was fed every day and was happy.  He posed no threat to anyone.

He is amongst those dogs who have disappeared in recent days.  Mr A has now found out that he, and another labrador-type dog, were found dead and dumped in the rubbish bins when the refuse collectors came to empty them....clearly poisoned.

We are distraught and angry beyond belief.  Someone in this village is killing these dogs and we are determined to find out who.   The teahouse men have promised Mr A that they will find out what they can.  In the meantime, Mr A will be making more phone calls today to the Belediye, and if necessary the Governor of the Province.   All this has been done before, and I won't hold my breath that we will get anywhere...but we have to try.

Sometimes I just want to run away from this place.  Mr heart is breaking for these innocent animals.  When will this end?


  1. This is terrible, Ayak. So sorry to hear about this. Hope the culprits are found soon. The work you do is great. Here in India, stray dogs are a vital part of many communities.

  2. So sad why are people so horrible take care xx

  3. I really cannot understand this mentality. I would find this very hard.
    Don't be discouraged. You are making a huge difference in your corner of the doggie community.
    You won't ever be able to save them all.
    Maggie x

  4. I live in constant fear of Jake picking up poison on our walks - last weeks my neighbours told me that two street dogs near us were poisoned.

  5. I just can't understand their sick saddens me that how can these people sleep. Like in their feeble little minds like how are those dogs affecting them in their lil' miserable lives that they have to murder the innocent dogs.....I just can't understand them and really have no intentions of making any effort to understanding them at all....
    But I can see you are making a huge difference in the community for the dogs....I hope the Brits in Turkey can make some difference cause really I've been through lots of countries and Turkey to me seems to have the most street dogs around that I have noticed at least to the ones I've been to....I didn't see one street dog in England and i was there for a month...and we sure don't have any here cause we have 'leash' laws....take care and hopefully the New Year will be a bit better for us all. XXXOOO

  6. It's bad enough when animals are poisoned accidentally, as happened to one of our cats, but to do it deliberately is appalling!

  7. Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment and please forgive me for not responding individually. It's been a very hectic week and I've not had much time to do anything online other than update very quickly on here and Facebook. xxx

  8. I am so sorry for the animals who got victim of the poison.
    Here in Kemer a lot of streetdogs disappeared to,Cats and dogs been recently poisoned.
    The animalshelter without food....I m affraid too for all the animals that I take care of daily on the street....I just can,t forgive those inhumain acts!!


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