Saturday, 20 December 2014

Back to Bob

I have to admit to letting Mr A do the regular checks on Bob.  You probably all know what I'm like by now.  I just cannot remain detached and if I have too much contact I get  too close to these dogs.  I know that we cannot take him into our family once he is better, because the other big dogs won't accept him.  So I'm a bit of a coward.  As long as he is getting treatment I am happy.

He.....yes he is a "HE".  It seems that either Mr A can't tell the difference between girls and boys, or perhaps Bob isn't very well endowed.   But to be fair, he has concentrated more on Bob's leg than examining him elsewhere!

Bob has now been in Mehmet's care since 22nd November.  He has been treated with intravenous antibiotics and regular changes of dressings and it has been working, slowly but surely.  (Sorry I don't have any up to date photos...Mr A's phone battery was dead when he visited the clinic yesterday but Mehmet will send me some photos in the next couple of days to show progress).

The operation will take place some time in the next few days, and he will also be neutered at the same time.

We have been trying to find somewhere safe for him to go when he leaves the clinic and Mehmet and his wife are trying to help us with this.   They know someone in Oren who may be able to help. I don't know the full facts but this person has rescued dogs from this area and taken them to a sanctuary in Istanbul, providing they are neutered and vaccinated.  All this is a little vague at the moment but we are keeping fingers crossed that this could be the solution for Bob.

His stay in the clinic has exceeded the 20 days that was first anticipated, so naturally the bill is creeping up.  We are so grateful for donations already received, but would welcome more...every little helps, no matter how small.

Mr A feeds the village dogs every evening when he visits the teahouse.  He has such a good relationship with these dogs.  They all wait at a distance from the teahouse but as soon as he arrives they come running.  It's a deliberate act on his part to feed them in full view of the men in the teahouse, to show that these dogs pose no threat and are lovely gentle creatures if they are treated well.  It seems that the message is slowly getting across.   He also feeds some of them again in the morning...those that need fattening up a bit more.

The 2 new members of our family, Timmy and Fistik, are settling in very well.  Fistik loves to play with Monty and Tommy and they all get on so well.  Timmy is pretty much house trained now...but has the odd accident which is only to be expected.   He had another visit to the vet yesterday.  He seemed to have a problem with his mouth and would cry if it was touched, so we decided to get it checked out.  It was nothing serious, just a baby tooth ready to come out so a little sore.  Mehmet gave him a painkilling injection anyway, and now he is fine.

 The newly created separate areas for the 7 big dogs, and particularly the cemented area, are so much easier to keep clean now.  We bleach and hose down every day.  The gate between the two areas is left open all day for all of them to come and go, and they particularly enjoy a little suntrap in the cemented area.

At night, the gate is closed.  Chas, Dave and Melek retire to their kennels under the shelter, and Megan, Sammy, Blondie and Freddie to their "bedroom" in the old house at the back.    We get the occasional night when all is quiet, but if a fox or another dog is spotted outside, then all 7 dogs bark furiously.

Timmy, Tommy, Monty and Fistik all sleep in the house, in the bedroom.  We don't hear a sound from them until morning.

We are up at around 5.30am to feed them all.....and another day begins.


  1. Thank you for giving us a taste of your day. It certainly seems to be action packed but 5.30 seems very early to get up!
    The dogs must be very comfortable when they're with you.
    Maggie x

    1. It is much too early really Maggie but I've got used to it. I'm a morning person rather than evening so it's not a problem. I think they're all quite comfortable!!

  2. 5:30! I am just dropping off to sleep then.

    1. ...and I'm dropping off to sleep around time for a social life these days!


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