Sunday, 28 December 2014

Frantic Activity

I was about to call this post Frantic Friday, to update on yesterday's activity but realised that it was in fact Saturday yesterday, and I somehow seem to have lost a day....or lost my mind....or both!

Up as usual around 5.30am to feed our 11 dogs.  Coffee and a discussion about what to do next to try to solve the problems we face at the moment.

We set off to the vet clinic later, taking Timmy with us.  We noticed a little blood in his poo so wanted to check him out.  His bowel movements are normal.  He's not ill...quite the opposite in fact.  He was given the once over and Mehmet thinks he has probably been chewing on twigs that have blown into the garden.  Nothing serious.  He's a greedy little boy and not only eats his food...separated from the rest in the bedroom...but if I don't pick up the other little dogs' dishes quickly, he'll get stuck in to them too.

The dog who was poisoned on Friday has made a good recovery.   He has had lots of injections and serum and is walking about, but he will stay in the clinic until Monday just to be safe.

Bob is also doing well.  He had his operation earlier this week, and has a home to go to in Oren.  He will be discharged at the end of the week and we will take him there.

Thanks to all your donations, I was able to pay the vet bill up until yesterday for Bob, who has been in the clinic for 5 weeks, for the poisoned dog, and to stock up on more sacks of food.   My funds are pretty much depleted now, so further donations would be more than welcome at this time.

We are now almost certain that most of the dogs Mr A had been feeding daily in the village have been poisoned, or disposed of in some way.  It is utterly heartbreaking and I still fail to understand this mentality.  These dogs pose no threat.  They are fed every day, and even if they do chase chickens, is it really necessary to kill the dog?   Mr A got the Muhtar and the Hoca to put announcements out on the public address system to tell people that  if they had problems with street dogs to contact us, not to kill them...we would deal with it.

This message is probably too little too late.

There was only one dog remaining in the village...Kahve...who we treated for mange months ago, fed along with the others, and Mr A had built up a wonderful relationship with him.   We had to try to get him to safety.

Mr A decided to take him over to Milas shelter, not a perfect solution, but better than leaving him in the village.   Unfortunately, when he got there he just couldn't leave him there.  It's overcrowded already and soft gentle Kahve would have been bullied in such a confined space.

He brought him home desperately hoping that our dogs would accept him.   We really tried, but the 7 big dogs have become so territorial that they won't accept another dog of similar size.   The 4 little ones weren't terribly happy about it either but I hoped they might allow him in their territory.   We kept him on the balcony.  Mr A went out to ask around for a safe place for Kahve.  I spent the evening on the balcony with Kahve and the 4 little ones, with the 7 big ones all barking frantically.  I'm well aware that we are being tolerated by our neighbours, but if we don't keep all this under some sort of control, their patience will wear thin.

Mr A came home and took over.  Kahve just does not want to stay here.  He feels intimidated.  I posted on Facebook to try and find him a home, and lots of people shared my post...thankyou.

Eventually, as he was crying and trembling at the gate, Mr A made the decision to take him up to the industrial estate on the main road.  There are many dogs there, but the workers tolerate them, and they are fed scraps.  We also supplement this with the occasional sack of food.  There are lots of places to shelter from bad weather.   .

Kahve was happy at last.  He loves other dogs and they just accepted him. We  have to realise that some dogs just want to run free.  Most importantly...he is safer there than in the village.  He is a lovely dog and we are still open to anyone wishing to adopt him.  He is so affectionate and needs lots of love.  He would fit in with a family perhaps who have other dogs who are willing to accept him into their territory.

On the way back from Milas shelter, Mr A took Kahve to our vet and had him vaccinated.  If anyone does decide to adopt him, we would be happy to get him neutered too.

Mr A will go up to the estate again today and talk to the workers he knows and let them know why we've put another dog there.  We will also do the same with the poisoned dog on Monday.  It means of course that because we will want to make sure these two dogs are fed and healthy, we will also be back to feeding the others there.  It would be impossible not to.   But it hopefully provides a solution if any others are dumped in our village....because inevitably this will happen.

Solving these problems isn't easy  but we've done the best we can under very difficult circumstances.

We will need more food now so once again, thankyou to all of you have donated recently, and anyone wishing to donate, please know that every little helps.

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