Thursday, 18 December 2014

Gokova Animal Rescue

During the time that I have been rescuing street dogs and continuing to feed more in our village I have been amazed and delighted at the support I receive from other animal rescue groups in Turkey.

I wanted to mention one person in particular who has given me support, advice and friendship...Sonia Garnett...who runs the small charity Gokova Animal Rescue.

I first met Sonia when we drove over to Gokova to collect Monty.  She is utterly dedicated to the cats and dogs in Gokova.  We drove over to her house again recently when we collected Timmy, and decided there and then to take Fistik as well.   Sonia had been fostering Fistik since last May but it was difficult to rehome her (I can't imagine why, because she is adorable).  Sonia's garden is not secure enough to prevent Fistik from escaping, and she very reluctantly had to put her on a chain.  Something that goes against everything she and I believe in.   So we happily took her home.

I copied the following from the Gokova Animal Group facebook page.  Sonia's own words, which pretty much sums up what she does.

These are the rescue cats and dogs that live with me at the present time, some are permanent residents and some are available for adoption. How do I decide who is permanent and who is suitable for adoption? Well once treated, if a cat or dog is healthy and has no ongoing health problems they are put up for adoption.If they are disabled or have ongoing health issues they stay with me. Homes are extremely difficult to find and generally people are more likely to offer offer a home to a healthy animal than to one that needs ongoing health care. Why don't I keep them all? I simply don't have the space and resources. It is your kind and generous donations that help support all of these rescues as well as the many street cats and dogs that Gokova Animal Rescue feed and provide neutering and healthcare for. Without your help many of these animals wouldn't be alive today. Your donations allow me to continue my voluntary work making their lives as happy and as comfortable as I can and for this Gokova Animal Rescue is truly blessed to have such wonderful supporters and friends that care so much. Huge thanks to you all x ·

I've seen Sonia referred to as an Angel on a Scooter.  I think the animals she cares for certainly see her that way.

This is the link to GOKOVA ANIMAL RESCUE on Facebook, if you would like to follow and support the work that Sonia does.

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