Monday, 29 December 2014

Moving forward

I've been updating the situation with the village dogs on Facebook as well as on here, but of course not all of my blog followers use Facebook, so I wanted to let you know that we have the situation more or less under control now.

Mr A took Kahve, the only dog remaining in the village since the spate of poisonings, to Milas shelter.   He loves this dog and I'm afraid he just could not leave him at the shelter.  Kahve is a soft and gentle soul, and he would have been bullied in this overcrowded shelter.  So he took him to our vet, had his vaccinations done, worm and flea treatment, and then he brought him home and we tried desperately for hours to get our dogs to accept him.

It didn't work.  The 7 big dogs barked furiously and wouldn't accept him into their area.   The 4 small dogs were much the same, except for Monty (bless his heart) who accepts anyone.   Kahve was scared and eventually sat by the gate trembling.

Mr A took him up to the industrial estate where there are other dogs and he seemed much happier.  Sometimes we have to accept that some of these dogs don't want to be confined, they want to run free.

When Mr A went up to the estate yesterday morning he found a very happy and relaxed dog, who mixed well with the others.

But the best news of all was that a man who works there has adopted him.  He already has the other little dog in this picture.

This man has also agreed to feed all the other dogs too, including the poisoned dog currently in the vet clinic, who will be collected today and taken there. * see update below. We have to provide food of course.  We have now paid a huge vet bill for the poisoned dog, and Bob's operation, treatment and 5 weeks stay in the clinic,.  In this respect we need more donations.  Please help if you can.

Bob will be discharged at the end of the week and we will take him over to Oren, where a home is waiting for him.

At this point in time, there are no strays in our village.  But we have no doubt more will arrive and we will have to deal with this as and when it happens.  In the meantime, Mr A and I have written strong warnings on our village Facebook page, talked to people, and both the Muhtar and Hoca have put out announcements on the public address system to tell people not to kill the dogs.  If they have any problems with them, then they must inform Mr A and he will deal with it.

Apart from providing food for all the industrial estate dogs from now on, we will monitor the situation regularly, to make sure that the man who has Kahve keeps his promise, and that all dogs are being fed and cared for.

It's been a dreadful week, but we have to try to remain optimistic and just move forward.

Update on the dog that was poisoned and we had hoped he would be ready to leave the clinic today. He is very poorly again. There's a strong possibility that there is liver damage. He remains in the clinic and the next few days will give us some indication how bad this is, 


  1. So glad Kahve has found someone to look out for him.
    Have a barking good New Year.

    1. Thanks BtoB and all good wishes to you and the family for the New Year xxx


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