Friday, 5 December 2014


Update on Bob:  I should have mentioned that we discovered that Bob is in fact a girl.  With all the stress and difficulty in capturing her to take to our vet, we didn't realise until we checked on her later.  So I will now refer to her as Bobbie (sorry little girl).  We were so concerned with the injury that checking to see whether she was male or female was the last thing on our minds.

She has now been in the clinic for two weeks.  Progress is slow, but she is gradually healing.  The fractured bone is exposed but until the infection has been cleared up we can't yet talk about operating.

She is an aggresive dog, but this is understandable because of what she has been through.  She trusts no-one.   She has to be sedated every time her dressing is changed.  She is receiving antibiotics every day, is eating, and doesn't appear to be in any pain.   If we thought she was deteriorating or suffering we would of course make the decision to end her suffering, but Mehmet is confident that there is still hope.   So she will remain in the clinic until everything possible can be done for her.  Keep your fingers crossed for her please.

Since I posted about Bobbie I have had a good response from you kind people, and now have enough money in the pot to cover Bobbie's vet fees.  So a huge thankyou to all of you who have donated, and particularly to those of you who donate on a regular basis.  We, and all the dogs, are immensely grateful.

We continue to feed the dogs in the village every day, and making sure they are all well.  The brown dog, Kahve, has now finished the treatment for her skin condition and is so much better.  Mr A has noticed another new dog who has a few superficial injuries, probably dog bites, so as soon as he can gain his trust and get close enough he will use antibacterial wound powder to help clear these up.

Timmy and Fistik continue to fit in with the rest of the family. Timmy's house training is progressing well and he mostly goes to the toilet outside, with just the occasional accident in the house.  Fistik loves Tommy and Monty and they get on so well together.  We've had a lot of rain over the past couple of days, and they have enjoyed digging in the mud.  You can imagine how much cleaning up there is to do before they are allowed back into the house!

Mr A is still working on the fencing and gates in the garden to make separate areas for the dogs, so that the little ones aren't intimidated by the big ones.  There has been a lot of growling from Chas, Dave and Melek, but this is gradually settling down.  When they are in their own areas, they will all be able to sniff each other through the fence, and this will  lead to them accepting each other and
eventually they will all socialise.

This worked for us when we introduced Chas, Dave and Melek to the family when they were just 4 weeks old.  Now they are big they often play with the other 4 big dogs at the back of the house, and all get on well.  The safety of all of the dogs, particularly the little ones, is of most importance at the moment.

Thankyou again everyone who has supported us and enabled to make all this possible.

If you wish to help us look after our 11 rescues and the strays in our village, you will find the Paypal donate button at the top of this page.

Thankyou xx


  1. I stupidly forgot the cage when I went to the village last week. I will try again this week.

    1. There's no rush BtoB. We are managing ok with the one we have at the moment, but it will be useful to have for future use x


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