Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The start of a new week

We've had some storms and an excessive amount of rain over the past few days.Whenever there is a break in the weather, Mr A continues with work on the fencing dividing up areas of the garden to make the dogs safe.

The fencing is just about finished.  These photos are taken from the driveway, with the garden/gazebo behind us.   You can see the first area is where Chas, Dave and Melek have their kennels under the shelter.  Beyond this is another gate leading into the area at the back of the house where Megan, Sammy, Blondie and Freddie reside.  The gate leading to the second area is open all day so that all 7 dogs can wander in and out of each area.

To the left of both areas is the old house where these four have their bedroom.  (Look at little Timmy in the red jumper getting to know the big dogs through the fence).

The four little ones Monty, Tommy, Fistik and Timmy all live in the house but have the run of the driveway and the area in front of the fence.  When it's not muddy they can also play in the front garden.

We plan to cement the whole of the fenced area as soon as the rain stops and the ground dries out.   It will be easier to keep the areas hosed down and clean.....essential now that we have 11 dogs.

More dogs are arriving in the village, some of them with collars, like the one in the picture below who arrived last night.

 They are clearly being dumped.  No doubt word has spread that they are being fed here.   We have to try to keep on top of this if we can.   If too many arrive, then this will cause problems with those people in the village who object to the dogs being here at all.  We will certainly try to start getting the females spayed and avoid any unwanted and when we can catch them and book them in with our vet.   It would be nice if the Belediye vet at the Milas shelter could take some responsibility for this,  but I won't hold my breath.

Nothing new to report on Bobbie.  She has been at our vet's clinic for more than two weeks  but progress is slow, and nothing more can be attempted until the infection is completely cleared up.  Mr A popped in to see her this morning and says she is doing as well as can be expected.


  1. We have had more dogs dumped in the industrial estate this week in Bodrum. They were chasing chickens yesterday so I called the Zabita to take them to the pound before poison gets put down which will do for all the dogs in the area.

    1. It happens every year doesn't it BtoB? Poor bloody dogs :-(

  2. That's a lot of work for Mr A, but I can see it's needed. Sorry to hear about the rising numbers. People can be so heartless. :(

    1. I'm afraid it's the way it goes here Perpetua. Just about to do a post about it.


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