Saturday, 27 December 2014


Thankyou for your comments on my previous post and forgive me for not responding as I usually would, but it's been a difficult couple of days here.  I am writing this post quickly, early this morning, and won't have time to edit so excuse any mistakes.  But we have a lot to do today.

We had a very pleasant Christmas Day here but it was spoilt by knowing that two of the dogs we feed had been poisoned and dumped in rubbish bins.  Mr A is heartbroken.  He had built up such a good relationship with these dogs.   We are certain more dogs have been disposed of, as only one dog turned up for feeding last night...the brown dog we call Kahve.

I had a frantic call from Mr A when he was down in the village to say that he had found another dog who had been poisoned.  He was still alive.  There was no time for me to get down to the village.  He phoned Mehmet, our vet, who drove to the clinic and Mr A and a friend picked up the dog and rushed him there.

He was given a fair number of injections and put on a drip.  A little later he seemed brighter, but Mehmet has told us that we cannot be too optimistic yet as the next couple of days will show whether this dog will survive or not.

Mehmet is just so busy, and also his wife Ayca.  They have so many dogs to treat now.  Some of you may have seen the horrific photos I posted on Facebook of a dog who was shot for chasing chickens in another village near Milas.  I don't normally post anything so graphic but I was so angry yesterday and felt it necessary for people to be aware of what goes on here.

Ayca tried for two days to save this poor animal, but he died.  Cause of death: massive blood loss and trauma.  Had he miraculously survived he would have been left with only one leg.  Can you imagine the horror?  No vet should be faced with this.  Ayca is understandably distraught and angry.  She has found out who the culprit is and they have been reported to the authorities....for what it's worth.  No appropriate punishment is handed out here...he'll probably get a fine.  It's disgusting but it's how it is.

The poisoned dog remains in the clinic.  Mehmet had run out of blankets, so Mr A wrapped the dog in his coat.  We will be going down to see him this morning.

Bob is still in the clinic...over a month now....but he has had his operation and is recovering well.  He will probably be ready to be discharged at the end of the week.  Thankfully some good news (we really need some good news!)  A woman in Oren is going to adopt him.   We will take him there next week.  We will also pay for him to be neutered, something Mehmet preferred to leave until after his recovery.

Mehmet has given us names to contact about a shelter in Tusla, on the way to Bodrum.  We are desperate to get Kahve to safety and also the poisoned dog if he recovers.  I have sent Facebook requests to these contacts, but will also get phone numbers from Mehmet this morning.  Fingers crossed they will take the dogs.  Mr A will offer to do any odd jobs or building work at the Tusla shelter, when he has time, as a way of thanking them if they are willing to take the dogs.

Failing this, we will take them up to the industrial estate.  There are a lot of dogs there but they seem to be safe.  They are fed scraps by the workers, and we supplement this with the occasional sack of food.

If any more dogs turn up in the village we will take them to the estate and continue to feed them, and the others there.

Mr A has written on our village Facebook page.  He is angry and he wants people in this village to know that we will do everything we can to find out who has killed these dogs and attempt to get them prosecuted.

I'll update when I can.


  1. How utterly cruel for the dogs and sad for you and you husband. I just cannot understand why anyone would do something so horrendous.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment and please forgive me for not responding individually. It's been a very hectic week and I've not had much time to do anything online other than update very quickly on here and Facebook. xxx


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