Saturday, 3 January 2015

A new year...a new week

We enter 2015 trying to be optimistic about the plight of the street animals here, but it's difficult.

There are now no dogs roaming the village.  They have been shot, or poisoned, or maybe just fled in fear.  One positive is that we at least managed to save three of them.

Bob who was shot and spent more than 5 weeks in the vet clinic, being treated for a severe infection, followed  by an operation, has now been re-homed.

The dog who was poisoned who we managed to get to the vet's in time to save him is now at the sanayi (industrial estate).  His condition was touch and go for a while, but he has now fully recovered.

He is being fed by the man who adopted Kahve (who is very happy) along with the other strays at the sanayi.   We are providing food.

Mr A has been up each day since we took the dogs there, to make sure that the man is looking after them, and that they have settled.  They are fine, but we will continue to monitor them.   Mr A is also on high alert for any other dogs that may turn up in the village.

For the last few days Mr A noticed a kitten hanging around the teahouse.  There was no mother in sight, but he hoped she might turn up to reclaim her baby.  It didn't happen. 

 Yesterday Mr A brought the kitten home.  He was confident the small dogs would be ok with it.  I knew they wouldn't.  Apart from Fistik who is used to cats, the others went berserk.  They chased and cornered the poor little mite, so this was not going to work.

He asked our neighbour Dursune if she would take care of the kitten and we would provide  food etc.  She wouldn't.  He asked our other neighbour, Sevke, and it came as no surprise to me that she said no too.

We made a bed out of a cardboard box, and a blanket, and Mr A returned to the teahouse, where the owner agreed to let the kitten stay in a sheltered spot at the side of the building.

Last night the teahouse man told Mr A that he already had two kittens in his garden and that he would take our little orphan to join them.  We have agreed to provide food for all three.  Mr A gave the kitten a worm tablet and two more tablets were given for the other two kittens.   Today we will collect flea treatments from the vet for all three.  

If finances permit, we will try to get them vaccinated, and eventually neutered, but at the moment our priority is feeding them and the dogs at the sanayi.

But for now, we are happy that at least they are safe.

If you would like to help us continue to care for the strays here, we would welcome your donations, no matter how small.  It all helps.  You will find the Paypal button at the top of this page.   Thankyou.


  1. Oh my Ayak...I know this is SO important to you two but it did make me smile that on the day that there were no dogs wandering in the village, Mr A finds a cat to look after! You're both animal angels. Take care and good luck.

    1. Actually it made me laugh Annie. Mr A is such an animal magnet. They seem to seek him out. And not content with saving one kitten and finding it a home, we have now taken on the two other kittens with this man. Ah well...that's the way it goes :-)

  2. There's no end to your kindness.
    Hoping your New Year is a happy one and that there'll be no strays of any kind left anywhere and no shooting or poisoning either.
    I know that's optimistic but..... we can but hope.....

    Maggie x

    1. That requires an enormous amount of optimism Maggie....sadly. Still we should all try to live in hope.

      Thankyou and a Happy New Year to you Maggie. xxx

  3. Don't dwell on the ones you couldn't help, you two do so much good, you'll make yourselves I'll if you worry about the dogs that couldn't be saved.

    1. I know you're right BtoB but I still have sleepless nights. I am trying to put all this behind me and move on. I'm sure I will. xx

  4. Another little life saved by you both... Thank you for your vigilance and for your caring for the street animals there.. Kerry Ricketts-Cole xxx

    1. Hi Kerry. Thankyou. You know from your own experience how many need saving. Just a few safe is better than none xx

  5. That is one lucky little kitten, rescued by the wonderful Mr A.


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