Sunday, 18 January 2015

And back to reality again

I thoroughly enjoyed my short break in Izmir and was so glad I made the decision to do it.

Maxine arrived at my hotel after 9am yesterday and we had breakfast together.  This is the first time we have met in person, and we hit it off immediately.  I thank the power of the internet for this new type of friendship.  It's great to have conversations over a period of time online, which saves most of the preliminary "getting to know you" when you eventually meet.

We headed off towards the sea and enjoyed a stroll along the promenade, stopping for coffee and cay.  We encountered a number of dogs on the way, all looking healthy.  I took my leftover pizza which had I handed to the dogs in our area would have been gobbled up immediately.  Not the case here.  These dogs are so well fed that they just sniffed the pizza and turned their noses up at it.

We then walked in the opposite direction past the clock tower, and sat in glorious sunshine and chatted some more.   The day passed very quickly, and after a stop for more coffee and tea, we ended up back at my hotel, where we parted company, promising to do this again sometime.

Maxine kindly brought some Cadburys chocolate for me and chewsticks for the dogs.  She also got me some lovely bubble bath, which I used on my return to the hotel.  I have managed to squeeze in 5 baths during my stay...making the most of what is a real luxury for me.

After a good night's sleep and breakfast, I checked out, set off for the otogar and the return bus journey to Milas where Mr A was waiting for me.

We called in at the industrial estate on the way back to the village to drop off our last bag of dog food.  The man who took on responsibility for Kahve and the dog who was poisoned is now feeding around 15 to 20 dogs a day, with the food we provide.

Thanks to recent donations, I have managed to pay the hefty vet bills that were recently accumulated, but we do need to stock up on more food, so of course more donations would be very gratefully received.

Home to an enthusiastic welcome at the gate from Monty, Tommy, Fistik and Timmy, and from Melek, Chas, Megan, Sammy, Blondie and Freddie in the dogs area behind the house.  All very happy to receive chewsticks...thanks Maxine xx

Tommy's ear infection has cleared up and he is very much back to his normal self.  Timmy is still tiny but has put on quite a lot of weight since we brought him home. He's quite podgy now.   The house training continues, and we only have the odd accident now so we're getting there.  After recent events, it's great to see all the dogs looking happy and healthy.

This break was a real treat for me. It has reduced my stress levels and recharged my batteries but I missed the dogs and am happy to be home....even without a bathtub!


  1. So glad you had such a great time, Ayak, though I think you may have gone home slightly wrinked after five baths. ;)

    1. Yes I was starting to resemble a prune Perpetua :-)

  2. You must do this more often. You can let us know where the baths are.

    1. I'd love to BtoB...maybe if I win the lottery! Then I could travel all over the world looking for baths ;-)

  3. How wonderful to have a day away and meet a new friend. Love the internet!


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