Monday, 12 January 2015

Difficult times

It's been a difficult week all round really, see my earlier post HERE.   A week with all kinds of problems, and daily trips to the vet.

Those of you on Facebook have followed Dave's progress and the status I posted early yesterday morning, with a copy on this blog, informed you that Dave had died.  I am still in shock that we could lose this lovely, healthy boy, almost a year old.  We rescued him, as most of you will know, along with his sister Melek,. and brother Chas, when they were just four weeks old.

So it's particularly distressing to watch them grow, and then to lose one of them.  He was the greediest of the three pups.  All my dogs have two big meals a day, but this often wasn 't enough for Dave.  He would insist on eating anything he could find, including bits of chewed blankets and towels.   During his daily trips to the vet he was given serum, thorough examinations, his temperature was normal and there was no sign of infection so it was assumed that something he had eaten needed to be moved.  He was given medicine to aid this, and it started to work.

He showed signs of improving, then went downhill...then up.  I was so sure he would get better, but it wasn't to be.  I am just so very very sad.

The vet visits haven't stopped.  It was Tommy's turn this morning.  I did mention last week that he had vomited white foam and he was checked out at the vet, assuming it was a stomach upset.  He had medicine and started to eat again.  Last night he started shaking his head and this continued all night, so off to the vet again this morning.   He has an ear infection and has been given antibiotics and eardrops.  The vomiting days ago was probably the start of the infection, and with all that was going on with Dave, we didn't notice Tommy's condition.

The last thing I want to do today is talk about money, but we have had a lot of vet bills recently, as well as expenditure on food, so I'm afraid the money box is pretty much empty now, so any donations at this time would be so gratefully received.

Fingers crossed for Tommy please.

And to my darling in peace lovely boy


  1. Such bad luck, Ayak. You must be on tenterhooks when any of the others show any symptoms of illness at all.

    1. I really am BtoB. Watching them all like a hawk.

  2. For everyone's sake, I do hope that Tommy gets better soon, Ayak. So very sorry to hear about Dave....just so sorry. Axxx

  3. That's really sad. I know how I've felt when my pet's die.
    Maggie x


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