Thursday, 8 January 2015

Icy weather and vet visits

It is bitterly cold here at the moment.  Temperatures in minus figures and we are doing our utmost to keep warm.  I am constantly checking on the dogs outside, day and night, to make sure they are warm enough.   There are extra blankets in the room in the old house where Megan, Sammy, Blondie and Freddie sleep and they are fine.

Chas, Dave and Melek's kennels in their area are sheltered and they don't seem bothered by the cold weather at all.  But they are young and they have kangal blood in them which I am sure gives them some natural protection.

On Sunday little Timmy was as usual jumping and grabbing the sofa, trying to jump up and he caught one of his nails and it ripped.   Blood everywhere and a great deal of screaming.  Once it had stopped bleeding I put some antibacterial powder on it and a bandage.

On Monday morning we took him to the vet who gave him an antibiotic injection and said to leave it open and the nail would drop off...which it did several hours later.  He is now absolutely fine.

Early on Tuesday morning Tommy started to vomit.  I took him outside and he continued to vomit white foam.  This can be caused by many different things, and being paranoid about poisoning these days, we didn't want to take any chances so off to the vets again.  Nothing serious.  Probably just a stomach upset.  He was put on serum as he was dehydrated.  He was very quiet for the rest of the day and we were told not to feed him.  Very late in the evening he seemed a lot brighter...and I gave him a little food.  A  bit of a mistake on my part as he later brought this back.   Yesterday he was much better and is now eating and back to his normal self (errr...not quite...see further down)

When we went out to feed the dogs early yesterday morning, the usually greedy Dave didn't come out of his kennel.   On closer inspection I could see that he had been sick both inside and outside of his kennel.  Again I made a silly mistake the night before...putting blankets in the kennels for extra warmth.  These three dogs like to chew blankets and drag them around the garden.  Dave, however, takes it one step further and swallows lumps of chewed blanket.  I was pretty sure this is what had made him sick.   Anyway he didn 't want to eat his food, so we watched him carefully for the rest of the day, and he seemed his usual self.

When it came to feeding time around 4pm yesterday he still did not want to eat, so Mr A took him off to see the vet, who reported nothing serious, and most likely something he had eaten which would work its way through his system.    He had some treatment, including calcium magnesium powder which should hopefully shift what's in his stomach.

We also paid a visit to the sanayi yesterday to drop off another sack of food. Kahve is doing well with the man who adopted him, as is also the dog who was poisoned.  The man says there are between 12 and 20 dogs on the estate at the moment, and he is feeding all those who turn up at his door,

Up at 4.45 this morning and again Dave  refused to eat, so he will be given more calcium magnesium and we will see what, if anything comes out the other end.  After a very cold night, the water bowls were frozen over, but none of the 7 outside dogs seem at all bothered by the cold.

...................pause.................... to be continued

Around 5 am Mr A received a frantic call from a friend in the village whose 18 month old daughter was having difficulty breathing.  This friend doesn't have transport so Mr A set off to take them to the hospital.  The child has been admitted and things are under control.

While he was gone, Tommy, who seemed so well yesterday, started vomiting again.  Apart from this he doesn't appear unwell.  He has also had calcium magnesium so it may well be that this is cleaning out his stomach.

So Tommy and Dave will be under careful scrutiny today and if necessary another vet visit will be on the cards.

In the meantime, the water tank on the roof is frozen.  We've been waiting for the men who installed it originally to come and put in non-toxic antifreeze, but understandably they are busy at the moment with this cold weather.  Hopefully they will be here today.

And my washing machine is playing up.  I've noticed that we still have one month left on the guarantee so we need to get an engineer out pretty soon.

Blankets and towels that I washed last night were put on the line this morning...within 5 minutes they were frozen solid, like cardboard.

....and life in paradise continues!


  1. I'm exhausted just reading this. Keep warm. Surprising the UK is quite mild this week.

    1. Wish I was there right now BtoB, Even if it was as cold as here at least there is central heating

  2. Oh my, Ayak, that's a lot going on all at once. Hope everyone, including the little girl, gets better very soon...and stays well!! My washing machine packed up today with a post holiday's load in which I had to finish off by hand. Fortunately it's gorgeous in the sun today and I have high hopes it will dry before the sun goes down. Good luck... And hugs. Axxx

    1. Thanks Annie. I hope my machine keeps going as I wouldn't relish hand washing at the moment. The tank on the roof is still to be fixed and we have no hot water now. Forecast is that tonight will be extremely cold but temps will start to rise slowly from Saturday...I hope xx

  3. Brrr, I'm shivering at the mere thought of frozen laundry, Ayak. It's fairly mild here, but very wet and windy. Sorry to hear that Tommy and Dave have been unwell and hope they will be fine again soon.

  4. Oh dear, you are having a tough time. It's hard to believe the weather can be that cold in Turkey.
    It has been so mild here and the whole planet seems to be topsy turvy weather wise.

    Hope the dogs are improving.
    I don't know how you cope with it all. Makes my moaning sound pathetic.
    Maggie x


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