Wednesday, 28 January 2015

More dogs!

And still they keep arriving in the village.  Mr A reckons there could be as many as 20 around, although most of them just run when approached.  Yesterday, however two of them came close enough to feed.

Mr A has also discovered a lovely old man on the outskirts of the village who is feeding six dogs every day.   They don't have the means to feed properly, so he gives them bread and any other scraps he has.  It's better than nothing and it does show that there are people around who care for these animals.

This morning Mr A took some dog food up to the man to help with feeding.  He was absolutely delighted.  He laughingly said that the dogs had chewed his shoes and umbrella....he wasn't angry... bless him.
3 of the 6 dogs who turn up each day to be fed

We want to continue to support this man with food.   We are doing the same at the sanayi for up to 20 dogs, and also for the mum and two pups on the outskirts of the village.  We will also feed any of the new arrivals that are brave enough to approach us.

 Thanks to recent donations, all our vet bills are paid and we have just two 15kg sacks of food left.

January is a difficult time for most people, and it's understandable that people have little or no spare cash.    But we are in desperate need of funds to be able to continue, so we need your help. I hate having to keep asking but I also hate the thought of having to ignore a hungry dog.    Please help if you can.   Thankyou xx


  1. It is heartening to learn that there are still some kind people about and the old man deserves your help.

    Maggie x

    1. It certainly is very comforting to find someone who cares Maggie. Makes it all worthwhile.


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