Friday, 13 February 2015

Another eventful week

The week started with rain...and more rain, but by Wednesday it stopped and although the sun was out, it was bitterly cold.  We were invited over to our friends David and Abdu for lunch, so we wrapped up warm and set off on the motorbike.

This is the first time I have been on this latest bike...and the last! It is the most uncomfortble motorbike I have ever experienced.  The passenger seat is too legs are long so it's difficult to fit them on the foot rests, which incidentally are too narrow so my feet keep slipping off.  Not only that, I had a sharp pain in the top of my right leg so to alleviate this I had to keep my foot off the foot rest.  We stopped three time on the way there so I could stretch my leg.  Finally we did the rest of the journey with my right leg forward resting on Mr A's leg...not the best way to travel.   Oh and I was partly seated on the metal bar behind the seat, so every bump was agony.

We had a delicious lunch and a pleasant time with our friends..  The return journey was just as bad and when I got off the bike I couldn't even stand up straight.  So, as I said...never again.

Sadly, the pup we started treating for mange this week, died yesterday.  Poor little mite was obviously too weak to survive.  Rest in peace dear little boy.

  So the mum has lost both of her babies.   We will continue the mange treatment with her, and aim to get her spayed within the next couple of months, so that she doesn't have to go through all this again.  She is well sheltered at the side of the house where the family are feeding her with the food we provide.

Also yesterday Mr A had an appointment at the hospital and as a result he has to go into hospital on Monday for an operation.  It is a hernia, but I am not sure which type...either umbilical or hiatus...but in any case it cannot be repaired by laparoscope, and he will have to be opened up.  He was told to expect to stay in hospital for three or four days.   Fingers crossed for him.

Today he has an interview for a job, fingers crossed for this as well.  He won't be due to start until 1st March so the timing is right.

All my 10 rescued dogs are fine, except for Blondie who has somehow managed to get a nasty graze on her leg.  Hardly surprising because she continually jumps around everywhere and has no doubt caught it on a wall.  It doesn't seem to bother her so we are treating it with wound powder which is working well.

And finally...touch wood....Timmy is housetrained!  He now actually goes to the door to be let out (except for one day this week when the rain was tipping down and we had a small puddle in the kitchen...but I think he can be forgiven for that)

Have a good weekend everyone  xx


  1. Just catching up, Ayak, after a blogging lapse, though I do get to your FB posts and so still feel in touch,
    Poor Mr A. Hope that goes smoothly and fingers crossed for the new job.
    I have never, ever ridden passenger on a motorbike so admire you - shame it was so uncomfortable. I might be tempted to ride solo though....
    Take care and good luck with your dogs.

    1. I quite like motorbikes Annie, especially in the summer. Better than being in a stuffy car. Most of the ones we've had before have been comfortable though, but this is a very old one. I think you'd be a lot braver than me to attempt solo!

  2. Crossing fingers for Mr. A. Both for the job and for the operation.

  3. Best wishes for Mr. A.....and I hope he takes time to make a proper recovery.
    So very sorry about the pup....they engage your heart, don't they.

    1. These pups don't stand much of a chance Helen. It is so sad. Mr A has his instructions to take it easy after his op tomorrow. Whether he takes notice is another matter!

  4. We no longer gave our motor bike as like you I couldn't get comfortable. It stayed in the garage most of the time. Sorry to hear about the pup.

    1. Well we have to keep the motorbike out of necessity BtoB. Mr A is quite happy with it, but I'll be giving it a miss from now on!

  5. Sorry to hear about the poor little pup, Ayak, and can sympathise about the uncomfortable motorbike. All the best to Mr A for his operation.


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