Saturday, 21 February 2015


Some of you wanted to see photos of Dursune's donkey.  I referred to the donkey in my last post HERE  as "he" but it's actually a girl.   When this donkey first arrived I thought she was a mule  (see my Edit at the end of the post whıch explains the confusion)

Anyway she didn't have a name so we have called her Daisy, and Dursune is happy with that (although she is pronouncing it Teyze which means aunt, but that's ok!)

We noticed this morning that Daisy has an injury on her leg which she sustained while she was away from home.   Dursune has put olive oil on it which isn't going to work, so I have sprayed it wıth veterinary antibacterial spray and I will continue to do so until the wound has healed.

...and my reward?   Fresh eggs from Dursune's chickens.
EDIT:  See this post HERE FROM JUNE 2013.  The first replacement for the donkey who died WAS a mule and I found out last night that at some point she exchanged him for a donkey and for some reason I didn't know or notice the difference.   Hence my confusion when posting yesterday.



  1. Love the photo of Dursune...... but jealous cause I always say to my husband (as weird as it sounds) if I win the Lottery I'm going to get a Donkey as a pet and name her Francesca. LOL.
    Happy you guys found Daisy for her......but sorry for Daisy's injury.
    Yummy fresh eggs now you can whip up some Menemem .....Take care....we have extreme cold warnings out again this whole week and now it is snowing UGH! Take care..XXXOOO

    1. I do remember you saying before that you would love a donkey Erica. We've had a very cold week here but the temperatures are just starting to creep up again. Although never as cold as your weather...keep warm xx

  2. Please explain what she has on her head! I love the pictures. I seldom see anyone dressed as they do where you live and it's most interesting. I love pictures of your village and the area around your house!

    1. It's just a headscarf Charlotte. You may have seen pictures of women wearing headscarves which are usually loose around the head and shoulders but village women often wrap them up around theır heads quite tightly to stop them flapping about and getting in the way when they work.

  3. Sorry to see the donkey's injury and hope she heals quickly.
    I'm a great believer in bartering.
    Maggie x

  4. I love the idea of a donkey being called Teyze

  5. Sorry to hear that the donkey got hurt during her adventure, but fresh eggs as a thank-you for you help sound good.

    1. The eggs were lovely Perpetua. Daisy's injury is healing nıcely x


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