Friday, 20 February 2015

MAKING PLANS BY PHONE....and a runaway donkey.

Mr A was discharged from hospital on Thursday and collected by David and Abdu (Thankyou dear friends).

He still has pain on and off, particularly getting up from a chair or out of bed, but this is to be expected.  I was rather surprised that the incision was bigger than I thought it would be.  His doctor told him there are 28 stitches.  These will be removed on 4th March, and until then he has to be very careful moving about, climbing stairs...and hills (this could prove difficult with the steep hill up to our house).   He is not allowed to lift any more than 5kg for 3 to 4 months.

I am relieved now that he has no building work as this would be impossible.  He has however secured a job near the airport (10 minutes from home) for a car rental company, booking in customers, filling in forms and delivering/collecting cars.   This is to start on 1st April and he should be feeling a lot better by then.  It's only for 7 months of the year but it's a regular salary so we are happy with this.

Before Mr A went into hospital last Monday he made sure that there was sufficient food for the dogs at the sanayi, for the mum dog (who we now call Annie) and for the old man in the village who feeds 6 or 7 dogs every day.  He also arranged for this man to feed other strays in the village whilst Mr A was  in hospital.  So everything was covered.

Since he came out yesterday,  he has phoned our vet and made plans for him to collect Annie sometime soon to be spayed.  

A thankyou here is due to Christine, who donates regularly to my fund, who also specıfıcally wanted to pay for Annie's operation.  We are very grateful Christine.

  Annie wıll be collected during the coming week.  She will stay in the clinic for two or three days and then we will try to arrange for her to be taken to the sanayi.  Although she has shelter and is being fed where she is at the moment we feel that she was quite safe while she still had her two puppies.  However, now she is on her own we are concerned that she may be shot or poisoned like others here, so we want to make sure she is safe.  We will also have her vaccinated.   She is still having treatment for a small amount of mange on her legs, and this will continue until it's cleared.

And while Mr A is recuperating he has managed to locate a runaway donkey by making phone calls.

Dursune told me on Tuesday that her donkey had disappeared the night before.  She had searched the village but couldn't find him.  I was sure she would find him quite quickly, and I'm afraid with everything else going on, I didn't think to check with her until yesterday morning after Mr A came home.  He was still missing after 3 days and she was quite distraught  

I mentioned this to Mr A and he immediately phoned the Muhtar who put out an announcement on the public address system.   Within 10 minutes Mr A received a call from someone in the village who had seen the donkey wandering around but had no idea who it belonged to.   I called out to Dursune to come to the house and Mr A explained to her where to find her donkey.

An hour later Dursune brought her donkey home with a big smile on her face.  She spent the afternoon talking to him and giving him plenty to eat.  Last night she put him in her shed to make sure he didn't run away again.

It's already proving difficult to stop Mr A doing things he shouldn't do.  He is stubborn (and he's Turkish ......... those of you married to Turks will know what I mean)  but as long as he can make plans and organise by phone he does at least feel useful.


  1. It's a pity Mr. A isn't the Muhtar...things might get done in your village!
    Good luck keeping him to doctor's orders!

    1. He does seem to have a way of sorting things out Helen. As for doctor's orders, ıt is proving difficult to het him to do as he's told...but I think you know what that's like!

  2. So glad things are looking up for Mr A.....and great news about the donkey. Mark asked me what was happening in the blogging world today....and he was also delighted that Dursune's donkey had been returned home. Jxxx

    1. Yes everyone seems pleased to hear about the donkey Janıce. I'll try to post a picture up on FB today x

  3. Delighted to hear Mr A is home... and making progress after what sounds to be quite a big operation after all, and really pleased about his new job which sound positively civilised! Love the idea of the tannoy announcement to find the donkey and agree with Annie that Mr A'd be a good Muhtar. Love to you both. Axxx

    1. Thanks Annie...just hoping he will recover properly before he starts work. Ah we all love donkeys don't we?I'm pleased to be able to see and hear him again x

  4. I well remember that my hernia op site was painful for longer than I expected, Ayak, but once it starts to feel better the improvement will accelerate. Please do try to stop him disobeying the doctor's orders or he could find himself needing another repair op. :(

    Great news about Dursune's donkey. I second the suggestion of Mr A for Muhtar.

    1. I'm afraid I seem to be banging my head on the wall trying to get him to obey doctors orders. I seem to be constantly nagging so I think I will just have to let him get on wıth it!!


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