Sunday, 15 February 2015

Out of action

Today I spilt a cup of coffee on my laptop. It immediately switched itself off and that was it. Completely dead.

Mr A took it to a repair shop in Milas and they managed to clean it and after replacing two parts got it going again.

It is working now except for two things. The space bar doesn't work and the letter "g" keeps repeating...over and over again.  I am typing this post on my phone with great difficulty but its to let you know that until I can sort this out I won't be blogging.

Mr A has phoned the guy who repaired it who is on his way home now. It is Sunday after all so I was lucky to get anything sorted.  He says it is still drying out, to give it time and it may rectify itself.  As Mr A is going into hospital tomorrow, even if the laptop doesn't sort itself out it will just have to wait.  Mr A is likely to be out of action for about a week.

In the meantime I am grateful that I can use my laptop even if I can't type anything.  At least I can use my phone if I'm desperate and have sufficient time to type.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


  1. Oh dear, Ayak, fingers crossed everything dries out and you can type more than 'g's very soon. I send Mr A lots of love and best wishes for the upcoming op and hope he'll be back to good very soon.

  2. So sorry you've got this to contend with as well as everything else, Ayak. Very best wishes to Mr A for his surgery and recovery. Please remind him to be careful at first and not lift things.

  3. Oh that's a terrible thing to have happened. Hope the laptop does spring back to life.

    Just been reading about the mange and the casualties in the back numbers that I missed. That is awful. I can remember seeing foxes covered in mange and staggering about. It practically wiped them out in our city some years ago, but they are gradually growing in numbers again.
    Hope it's nothing too bad that Mr A has to face and that all will go well.
    Maggie x

  4. So sorry about your computer and praying for Mr. A. I hope he has a fast recovery!

  5. Good luck to Mr. A for a swift recovery (and to your lap top too)


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