Monday, 9 February 2015

The mange curse

Mange is horrible.  So many of the street dogs suffer from it.  We have managed to get treatment for quite a few, if we are able to catch them.

You may recall my mentioning a mum and two pups on the outskirts of the village that we discovered.  The mum has deformed front legs, something quite common in street dogs.  It can be hereditary or more often than not it is due to malnutrition.  There is little that can be done for a street dog.  If they are able to get about without discomfort, then it's best to leave well alone.  People who adopt dogs with these deformities may embark on the long process of surgery and physiotherapy to correct the problem, but this is often done for cosmetic reasons.

We have provided food for the mum and pups since we found them.  They have been fed by a lady who throws the food over her balcony, as the mum is quite aggressive.  They take shelter at the side of this woman's house.  However they do wander off and Mr A hasn't seen them for almost a week.

This morning he went again to check and it would seem that one of the pups had died. The remaining pup now has mange and unless we  do something about it,. it will get much worse

Mr A is off to see the vet for treatment.  The same treatment we had for Kahve, the dog adopted by the man at the sanayi.  Kahve's condition was pretty bad, but with treatment he recovered and is now very healthy.

We will probably need to treat the mum as well.  We will also have them vaccinated, wormed and flea treated.   Although where they are living is quite sheltered, we have decided to take our spare plastic kennel for them to use until the pup is well and the warm weather arrives, just to give them a little more protection.   Much as I would like to bring them here, I have nowhere suitable to quarantine them, and can't take the risk of any of my 10 rescue dogs getting mange.

I really need your help to pay for this.  I had a couple of donations in response to my last appeal and that has been spent on food.   Please help if you can. matter how small will be gratefully received.   Thankyou

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