Thursday, 5 February 2015

This week

Firstly, to all my blogging friends, please note that I am not ignoring your blogs.  I am reading but just unable to comment at the moment.  This seems to be a blip with Blogger from time to time, so hopefully it will be resolved soon.

This week has seen plenty of rain.  Today it is dry and windy, and the forecast is dry tomorrow, but then we are due more rain.  It's quite depressing here when it rains.  It's not just a shower here and there which wouldn't stop me from going out with an umbrella.  It is torrential so I'm stuck in the house, only venturing out to feed the dogs.  It doesn't seem to stop Mr A getting out on his motorbike, but he gets drenched and it's very difficult to get clothes dry in this damp house.

Also depressing is knowing that I have to make a decision pretty soon to cut back on the number of dogs we feed.  Up until now we have taken responsibility for around 20 dogs at the sanayi, the six dogs fed daily by the old man on the outskirts of the village, the mum and two pups, just outside the centre of the village, some of the new arrivals in the village who come close enough to be fed, which can sometimes be 5 or 6, as well as our own 10 rescued dogs.

During December and January we received some good donations, and these together with regular monthly donations, should really have been enough to cover food for all the dogs for several months.  Unfortunately, we also accumulated a lot of vet bills which ate up our funds, so now we are struggling.

 We are using our own we always do if funds run out, but there's only so much that we can afford.  During winter there is little or no work for Mr A, so we have to survive most of the time on my pension.  

Providing there are no more unexpected vet bills to pay, the regular monthly donations will go a long way to carry on providing food, so anything we receive from now on would be very helpful.   If you are able to donate, no matter how small an amount, it would be most gratefully received.  Thankyou.


  1. Thank goodness for a sunny day today - this winter is dragging.

    1. Isn't it just BtoB? Good drying washing machine has been on the go all day!

  2. You are, as always doing a brilliant job Ayak. Take care Jxxx

    1. Thanks Janice, and as usual your continued support is very much appreciated. Lots of Love xxx

      (PS Hope you are continuing to enjoy your birthday week)


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