Thursday, 26 February 2015

This week's update

Annie the dog was collected from her safe place in the village on Monday.  Our vet spayed her on Tuesday morning.  She recovered well but we decided to give her a few days in the clinic before getting her back to the village, particularly as the weather has been so dreadful.

She has also had all her vaccinations and we will hopefully be able to arrange to get her back to the village tomorrow.  We decided against taking her to the sanayi because it has become obvious that the family who feed her with the food we provide, are very fond of her.  When Mr A was  checking on her on Monday morning he threw a handful of dog biscuits on the ground for her.  The woman who feeds her asked him "Why did you do that, she has her own bowl for her food"....and when Annie was about to set off for the clinic, the women said "Please bring her back".  

I am very reassured by these comments and feel confident that Annie will be safe where she is.

Another of the village dogs, a bitch who we have named Nancy, also needs to be spayed.  She has already had puppies.  It's uncertain how many litters she may have had or what happened to her babies, but we want to stop this endless cycle for as many females as possible.
Nancy playing with Mr A

Nancy is an affectionate girl and very playful and she follows Mr A everywhere.  She is usually to be found sitting next to him outside the teahouse.   When she has been spayed we intend to take her to the sanayi so she is safe.  We have already spoken to the man who looks after Kahve and feeds up to 20 dogs a day and he will keep an eye on Nancy.  Mr A recalls Kahve playing wıth Nancy before he was moved to the sanayi, so a friendship will be renewed!  Because Nancy tends to hang around the centre of the village we feel she could be at risk, so need to make her safe.

We are continuing to provide food for the sanayi dogs, the old man in the village who feeds 6 or 7 dogs each day, for Annie, and of course for any remaining dogs that we feed in or around the village.
We would like to raise some money for Nancy's operatıon and vaccinations, and we would love to continue to get more dogs neutered here, both in the village and the sanayi.   But we can't do it without your help.

If you would like to donate something, no matter how small, you will find the Paypal button at the top of this page.  Anything we receive is always very gratefully received.  Thankyou.


  1. And mine. To know she's already been semi-adopted is very reassuring.

    1. It certainly is Perpetua. It,s rare to find people here who care about these dogs x


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