Monday, 16 February 2015

Turkish Hospitals and Laptops

We were collected by our friends Davıd and Abdu this morning who kindly offered to take us over to Milas devlet hospital for Mr A's operation.  We were there before 8am but as the computer system was down there was a delay getting up to the ward.  However, once we arrıved, he had the usual checks and was soon off to theatre.

As this happened sooner than we expected we decided to wait in his room until he returned.   It went well but he was understandbly in a lot of pain, not helped by the fact that it took four men, includıng Abdu to lift hım onto the bed...he is very heavy!

As we were about to leave, to let him get some rest, we were informed that one of us would have to stay with him overnight.   Although I have always been aware that there isn't the same kind of nursing that one is used to in NHS hospitals, which means that Turkish familıes tend to spend all day, every day ın hospital wıth their sick relatives, I was surprised on their ınsistance that someone other than nursıng staff would be required to be with him for 24 hours.

Because I have 10 dogs who can't be left on their own for this amount of time, Abdu (bless his heart) offered to stay.  So whilst Mr A was having pain relief and put on drip, we went down to Kipa to pick up some supplies for Abdu's stay, and for when Mr A will be able to eat tomorrow.  We had time for a coffee, and also for me to reluctantly buy a new laptop.

The laptop I managed to kill yesterday wıth a cup of coffee was restored to life by a shop in Milas.  It was cleaned and two parts replaced at a cost of 130 lira.  However, when I came to use it the spacebar wouldn't work.  Shortly after the letter "g" kept repeatıng every time I pressed it.....100s of times!  Gradually as the evening progressed more keys became unusable and all sorts of wierd things were happenıng...almost like ıt had been infected wıth a virus.   Mr A phoned the repairman who said ıt would possibly rectify itself in time, otherwise the keyboard would have to be replaced...and this would be expensive.  So I thought it best to get a new one rather than spend even more money on repairs.

THIS IS THE ONE I BOUGHT (click lınk)  It cost 600 lira (£157 approx)  as opposed to the price ın the UK of £365.81 (1390 lıra) quıte a bargain.

We dropped Abdu back at the hospital.  He and Mr A should be quite comfortable.  It,s a bıg room wıth a lovely view from the window, wıth a sofabed, TV, frıdge, bathroom.  I spoke to Mr A later and he was stıll in pain, but saıd he was hungry (a good sıgn) but he is only allowed liquıds this evening.
David and I will drıve over again tomorrow morning.

When I returned home I spent more than two hours trying to transfer data from my old laptop to the new one and just couldn't do it when ıt suddenly occurred to me that ıf I simply downloaded Google Chrome my account contaıned everything I needed.  It took 2 minutes...what a waste of 2 hours!

Now I just have to get used to using a Turkısh keyboard agaın, and you wıll notice from this post that I keep typing "ı" ınstead of "i" and am too tıred to edıt.  But at least it's working!


  1. What a performance.....but hospitals here are the same. Let's hope Mr. A will be out soon!

  2. I hope that Mr A is home and pain free very soon. Best wishes from us and the furbabies xx

  3. Thank goodness Abdu went with you. Please say Geçmiş olsun to Mr A from me.

  4. Hope Mr A is getting better each day that passes.

    I don't blame you getting a new laptop as I think the old one seemed to be dying a death!
    Good luck with it.
    Maggie x

  5. I'm so glad to hear that Mr A's op went well. Hope things start to improve for you both really soon.

    Prayers and blessings.

  6. Thankyou so much everyone for your good wıshes on thıs and my last post. I seem to be rushıng about a bıt at the moment, so please forgive me for not replyıng indıvıdually.

    Mr A was stıll ın a good deal of paın last night but somehow belıeves he might come home today......I don't thınk so!

  7. Hope he is home safe and sound very soon take care both of you xx

  8. Wishing him all the best for his recovery!
    My grandmother is in hospital in Istanbul at the moment, and even my parents were surprised by the new someone-has-to-be-there system. What are the nurses for, then? And what about people who don't have dedicated family or friends to care for them?

  9. All good wishes for a speedy recovery to Mr A x

  10. I've been keeping upto date on FB, but am glad to read here that Mr A's p went well and that you've treated yourself to a nice new laptop. If Turkish patients need to have family to care for them at least their rooms are furnished to allow this.


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