Sunday, 29 March 2015

This week's update

Thanks to recent donations we were able to buy 11 paraband collars this week, to protect against fleas and ticks for 5 months. Our 10 rescues have them and we also put one on Annie.

I was advised NOT to put them on the other village and sanayi dogs.  These collars are not cheap (although our vet Mehmet gave us a good prıce) and they can come off easily if dogs are fighting and it has been known for them to be stolen by people wanting them for their own dogs.  I haven't personally experienced this but it makes sense.  So we will be treating these dogs with Bayticol solution which is used like the spot-on treatments, but we buy it in large bottles, so it's more economical.   This won't last 5 months like the parabands, so we will be treating every month.

I have also decided to put Annie on Glucosamine tablets indefinitely in the hope that this will help a little with her deformed legs.  She may be more prone to arthritis.   Megan has arthritis and I give her Glucosamine in her food every day and it really seems to make a difference, so let's hope this will work for Annie.

The old man in the village who has been feeding 6 dogs, with food supplied by us, has seen his numbers increase to 10, so we dropped off another 15kg sack of food.  He lets us know when his stocks are running low and we deliver as and when he requires.

We also dropped off more food to the man at the sanayi for the 20 plus dogs he feeds there.  He supplements this with scraps from the cafes on the sanayi and he also lets us know when the sacks of dog food are running low and we deliver more.

Mr A continues to feed the dogs in the village when he goes to the teahouse in the evenings.  These dogs stay out of sight all day but seem to know when Mr A arrives.  They eat and disappear again.
 We heard this week of a female who had recently given birth.   We have searched for both her and any pups, but as yet cannot find them anywhere.   Mr A has mentioned this to the teahouse men who have promised to ring Mr A if they discover the mum and/or pups.

After a final meeting with his new boss yesterday, Mr A will start work on Wedneday 1st April.  It's tourism again, which we hoped to avoid, but there isn't much choice for him and he has to earn money.  Fortunately he will be able to come home every night so will be able to continue with the feeding and delivering of food to others who are feeding.  On the odd occasion where this is not possible, he has made arrangements with the old man, who also goes to the teahouse, to feed in Mr A's absence.

Tomorrow our vet Mehmet is coming out to the house to do check-ups on all our 10 rescues.   We have a few concerns that we want him to look at.  Blondie grazed her leg some time ago.  We treated with antibacterial powder and then later she had an antibiotic injectıon.  It seemed to have been healing well, but I am concerned about how long it is taking so it needs further examination.

The other concerns I have are about Melek and Chas.   I have to own up to this possibly being paranoia on my part, but I worry that in spite of them eating two large meals a day, they seem a little thin.   They seem healthy otherwise, but you'll probably understand how I feel because Dave, who died suddenly in January, was their brother.   I need to be reassured that they are both OK.  If there are any doubts at all, then we will get them over to the Bodrum vet for tests.   Fingers crossed for them please.

So that's all my dog news for this week.

Friday, 27 March 2015

False accusations

I didn't particularly want to write this post.  I posted the other day about how some animal rescue groups, rather than just getting on with what they do best, seem intent on causing problems.  (This Post )

To be fair, most of them just get on with what they do best, and don't get involved in the attacks...often libellous, that appear on Facebook.  I tend to stay out of this kind of stuff on the whole, until I see people being unfairly accused of wrongdoing, and then I get involved.  I will always stand up and defend when I think it's right.

I don't need to go into details really, or actually mention names, because the person(s) concerned will know exactly who I am talking about.   I defended a group of volunteers recently because they were being unfairly attacked, and it was unwarranted.  A bunch of lovely people, giving up their free time, and raising money to make lives better for dogs in a council shelter.

And for speaking out in defence, I have now become a target....on a group page on Facebook. Comments posted on a completely irrelevant thread, out of the blue.  

"Linda Kaya is now all of a sudden a expert on everything turkish. 17 yrs in turkey no income I know adopt 10 dogs get everyone else to pay for it. good little earner linda it seems."
 It is clearly hinting that I somehow live off donations given for the dogs.

The person posting this comment already has me blocked....a rather cowardly way of attacking someone when they cannot see what is written and therefore are deprived of the right to reply.  But a friend copied the comment to me and then responded on my behalf....setting the record straight.

***** as I understand you have blocked Linda it means that you can say exactly what you like without her having a right to reply. So I have asked her for the facts. She does have an income..not that it's any of your concern, and she has been adopting her dogs way before she received donations, which incidentally she never asked for. Followers of her blog and her friends insisted that they wanted to help. And the donations don't cover the upkeep of her 10 rescues and the many other dogs she feeds elsewhere, but they help towards the costs and are gratefully received.
Incidentally, the income I mention is my pension, should anyone want to know.

As a result of donations of course I have been able to help far more dogs than just my own rescues, in our village and surrounding area.  Not just feeding, but getting dogs neutered, vaccinated, vet treatment and finding some of them homes.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't upset by this, but I am reassured by others who know this person well, and have seen her do this before, to other people.   Unlike this person, I have no intention of naming her or trying to destroy what she does.  

It won't stop me doing what I can for the dogs here.  They are mine and my husband's life.

If anyone who has donated has any doubts whatsoever about me, then please feel free to stop supporting my work.  I will not be offended in the least.   You have the right to believe what you want to believe and I entirely respect that.

Thankyou for reading.

Monday, 23 March 2015

A new pup and a new home

This week Mr A found a tiny pup in the village.  We're  not sure how old she is but she can't be more than about 6 weeks.

We were desperate to find a home for her.

You will remember that Mr A was in hospital recently  having an operation.  His surgeon happened to be the father of one of Mr A's friends and now he and Mr A have become good friends...even chatting on Facebook!

They have a lot in seems that this lovely man already has six dogs, all rescued from the streets,   Mr A asked him if he would like to give a home to this pup and he said yes.

I called her Milly but wasn't sure whether the doctor would decide on something different but he likes the name.  So Milly it is.

This afternoon he collected Milly to take to her new home.  He will of course get her checked out and vaccinated, and when she is old enough he will have her spayed.

A happy ending for one lucky little girl.

And finally, thanks to donations over the past few days we are well on our way to getting the Paraband collars so desperately needed for the dogs.  Thankyou very much xx

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The saving of dogs all over Turkey

In recent days there have been arguments and criticism on Facebook between various rescue groups and charities concerning the street dogs and how money is raised to help these dogs.  This kind of thing gets out of hand.  People get angry, and personal, and often people whose sole purpose in life is to cause trouble (in other words trolls) get involved.

It helps no-one...certainly not the dogs.  I try to stay out of these arguments but sometimes my anger gets the better of me and I find myself joining in to defend volunteers who give up their time to do what they can for the dogs.

I have taken a step back from all this nastiness now because frankly I have too much to do with helping the dogs in our area to be bothered with petty squabbles.

This morning I watched a video about the street dogs of Istanbul who are dumped in a forest because of the "out of sight, out of mind" attitude of so many.  If you care about the plight of these dogs and have 25 minutes to spare, please watch this video.  It is so heartwarming to see the dedication of these volunteers.   It has reduced me to tears.

LINK TO VIDEO  "Dogs of the Dream Forest"

And we are now at the start of the tick season.  I have previously used Paraband collars because they seem to be the most effective, although they are expensive  (between 30 and 40 lira each) and I am trying to find a cheaper substıtute so that I can treat as many dogs as possible. Although my 10 rescues don't run around in long grass where they are likely to pick up ticks, this morning I found one on Melek which I managed to remove.  So the sooner they are treated the better.  If you would like to donate towards the cost of this treatment, it would be very much appreciated.  Thankyou

Saturday, 14 March 2015

This makes it all worth while

Many of you will remember the story of Annie, the dog with the deformed front legs who we found on the outskirts of the village with two pups.

One of the pups died.  The other one had mange and we had started to treat him but sadly he died too.

We wanted to get Annie spayed as soon as possible and thanks to a donation this was carried out a little while ago.  She also had all her vaccinations and stayed for 4 days in the clinic to make sure she was fully recovered before returning to the village.  You can read more about Annie and her condition in the post I wrote HERE

She is looked after by a family in the village... in particular by the woman of the family..the mother of one of Mr A's friends.   We continue to provide food for Annie and will always do so, along with any vet treatment she may need in the future.

This is our aim.  To rescue dogs, neuter them, vaccinate them and find them somewhere safe to live.  We will never place them in a shelter unless there is no alternative.

Mostly we are trying to educate people here.  To make them realise that these dogs pose no threat and as long as they are fed they will cause no harm to anyone.   But we also try to take it a step further by showing people here that these dogs make good pets and that they can actually get great pleasure from them.

This is Annie this morning...with her "Mum".   These pictures speak for themselves.   It fills me with such joy to see Annie happy.

If you want to help us to continue our work with the street dogs in our area, please consider donating.  You will find the Paypal button at the top of this page.  Thankyou xx

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Keep going.... what I keep telling myself.  This is Day 8 of the worst bout of flu I can ever remember experiencing, and it still won't go away.  It seems to have affected every part of my body during the past week and left me exhausted.  I've even lost my appetite...yes even for chocolate!!  I know it will go eventually.  It seems that a fair number of people in the village have been hit by it and ıt just has to run it's course.  I will most definitely get a flu jab before next winter.

So the chores I do on a daily basis are still being done, but at a slower pace, with pauses in between when it all becomes too much.

Mr A painted the newly erected gate 2 days ago and we are happy that it is higher and more secure and that the four little dogs are safe.

The 6 big dogs are happy with the cemented area at the back, although typically they have found one spot that they can dig...and a hole appeared this morning.  This of course comes as no's what they do (when our backs are turned).

Mr A continues to give daily treatment to Kahve at the sanayi and his condition is improving.  This treatment will last a month.

Another dog who also needs attention from the vet (which I mentioned in my previous post) will hopefully be caught today by Mr A and SuperSteve, and be taken to the Bodrum vet for tests and necessary treatment.  

In this video you can see Kahve (brown dog) looking better, also Nancy who has settled in well at the sanayi after being spayed last week, and also a little pup who seems quite happy and is being fed along with all the others there with food we continue to provide.


The 6 dogs being fed by the old man in the village, Annie, and any other village dogs around are continuing to receive food from us.

There is so much to do.  You deal with the problems for a few dogs, you get a couple of females spayed, but there are always more dogs needing attention.  It's never-ending, as those involved in animal welfare will tell you.  What I would give to see the day when all dogs in this country are neutered, vaccinated and well fed.  It won't happen in my lifetime, but we can only hope that one day it will.

Naturally all this costs money, and you all know by now that any donations, no matter how small, will help us to continue to help the dogs.  Please give if you can.  Thankyou

Monday, 9 March 2015

Animal Angels in Turkey

I have come across many wonderful people, during my years in Turkey who are dedicated to doing what they can to make life better for the street animals here.

One such person is Linda Richardson who has turned her house into a sanctuary for cats and dogs.  I am truly amazed at how much Linda has achieved.  I often wonder if she has more than 24 hours in her day, as  opposed to the rest of us!

But I want to tell you about a very special project undertaken by Linda over the past three months.

This is Sophie's story:

Sophie, as she is now called was discovered in Deliktas at the beginning of December last year with a large wound on her right side, measuring 26 cm by 10 cm. As you can see from the photograph it was in a extreme state of necrosis and it was considered that she should be put to sleep unless someone was able to look after her and perform the wound management required for such a serious wound. 

Linda Richardson offered to take Sophie and give her the treatment and care that she needed if she was to survive. It was not an easy task,slowly removing the necrotic tissue, applying the medication required and dressing the wound daily. However after a few weeks the wound was responding to the treatment and new tissue was growing. Now three months later, Sophie is well on her way to making a good recovery. Throughout her treatment Sophie has been an excellent patient. She is simply delightful. She is friendly and gets on well with other dogs, and is used to the cats around the home but she has a confident,slightly dominant nature. This is in no way a problem. She is very good in the house, very clean and doesnt chew things and walks fine on a lead.

In Lindas words she is a perfectly beautiful girl, A delight to have. Sophie is about four years old, she has been neutered and had all her injections and due her blood test at the end of March, so she will soon be ready to move to her For Ever Home.. should one be found suitable for her. Sophie is a very special dog and has been through an awful lot. We want to find a very special home for her, one where she will live out the rest of her live with all the love and care she so richly deserves. If you are that special person please contact :

Or you can visit Linda's Facebook page  entitled  T.A.R.G.E.T  ....

Well done Linda.   Your patience and dedication has given Sophie the future she deserves.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sunday Update

This  is an  update from my previous post of 4th March HERE and quite a lot has been achieved in four days.

Kahve continues to receive treatment  each day for mange and a virus and is doing well.    The other dog at the sanayi who also needs to see the vet for treatment has proved difficult to catch up to date, and in any case we need to raise more funds for this.

We have no further informatıon on the dog that Mr A and Steve took to the Milas Belediye vet after it was hit by a car.  Mr A has phoned many times but there is never an answer.  This is not at all unusual, but we will keep trying.

Thanks to the donation for the work on the dogs areas in the garden, this is well under way and almost finished.    A tractor was hired to deliver sand and cement, metal work for the gate and motorbike shelter, along with sturdy locks.

Because Mr A is unable to lift anything heavy he employed two young lads from the village to help with the work.   They had a daily rate in mind, but when they knew that this was for the dogs, they settled for half.  

The most urgent area was the laying of cement at the back area to cover jagged rocks.  As you can see this also included the sheltered area under the old house (which is next to the big dogs' bedroom).  This had several potholes and needed to be redone.

Blondie, Sammy, Freddie

Megan, Sammy, Blondie, Freddıe

Chas, Melek, and camera shy Blondie


Megan who never looks at the camera


Megan, Freddie Sammy

The next job was the gate to the driveway.  We wanted something that was sturdy, higher than the original gate and mostly closed in.  I am still wary of people in this village and just want to make sure that the four little dogs are as safe as possible.   It doesn't look particularly attractive at the moment.  We need to get metal paint to cover it.  But it serves it's purpose.  We also recycled an old metal door and fitted it with a new lock.

New gate...and Monty

Finally, the motorbike shelter has been started, and this will be completed in due course.

We had enough money left over from this donation to cover the recently purchased sacks of food.  Money well spent, and the dogs are now safe.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Update on Nancy, Kahve and other dogs...and some good news.

Nancy was spayed on Saturday and yesterday she was collected from our vet in Milas and taken to the sanayi.  We had hoped that someone might want to adopt her, but sadly it hasn't happened. She will be safer now than if she had returned to the village.  She will be monitored and we hope that she will settle well into her new environment.
Getting to know the newcomer Nancy

Our friend Steve kindly took Mr A  in his car to collect Nancy, and also to stock up on some more sacks of dog food from Migros, which currently has a special offer on 15kg sacks.

When they were at the sanayi they noticed that Kahve ( who we recently placed at the sanayi for safety) seemed to have a recurrence of mange, which we treated previously.   Steve uses a vet in Bodrum for the dogs that he helps, and this vet charges the same kind of prices as our Milas vet for treatment of street dogs.  The advantage with the Bodrum vet is that he has more facilities than Milas for doing blood tests etc.  As Steve thought there was a possibility that Kahve could have leishmaniasis rather than mange, he took Mr A and Kahve to the vet in Bodrum.

Good news is that it isn't leishmaniasis.  It is mange and this is being treated.  He also has a virus and he is having treatment for this which needs to be administered every day.  Mr A will do this, and Steve has offered to help.  They noticed another dog at the sanayi needing treatment and Steve will take this one to Bodrum vet tomorrow.

We are so grateful to our new friends Steve and Rita.....and Jacky and Jim.  We have only known you all for a short time but you have been so helpful to us and our dogs.   Thankyou xxx

Now for some very good news.  

As you know we rely on your donations to help us continue to do what we can for the dogs, and I am very grateful to each and every one of you who has given.   We mostly  manage quite well with careful budgeting and sourcing dog food on special offer, at the same time keeping our fingers crossed that we don't face too many problems which will involve vet bills.

We do have plans to do more to the dogs areas in our garden to make them safe and easy to keep clean.  Mr A has already erected fences and gates separating the areas at the side and back of the house, and a shelter to protect two kennels for Chas and Melek.   This area has also been cemented.

He has made the "bedroom" in the old house more comfortable and practical,  building wooden beds on metal frames and legs which we cover with blankets for Megan, Sammy, Blondie and Freddie.  Even though the two areas are connected by a gate, all six dogs come and go and share their beds.

We can separate the two areas when necessary, ie for feeding, and if we have a poorly dog that we want to isolate from the rest.

We made a start on the area at the back which needs cementing.  Stones have already been laid, but we only do bits and pieces as and when we can afford to.  There are a few jagged pieces of rock and I suspect this was how Melek managed to cut one of her foot pads last week. The cement needs to be laid as soon as possible.

Our main gate leading to the driveway is not safe.  It moves, even though Mr A has tried several times to fix it.  It did actually collapse one day but fortunately we were around to prevent the 4 small dogs from getting out.  It needs to be repaired if possible but more likely  a new more substantial gate needs to be made.  Mr A has some metal poles which he was given which will be used as a frame for the gate.

Mr A also has nowhere to shelter his motorbike, which during the recent spate of heavy rain has been difficult to start.  It's our only form of transport and essential for Mr A to use to feed the dogs in the village and deliver food to those people who are feeding dogs for us.  He had started making a shelter for the bike by building a frame and cementing the base but needs to cover it.  Again another job that has been put to one side.

This week a  very good friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, has donated the money which will enable us to get all this work done.  She is happy for us to spend it on whatever we feel is necessary to make life easier and safer for the dogs.  She did also say "treat yourselves too" but there is nothing we need for ourselves.  (I did say maybe I would buy some chocolate but as you will see further on, this wasn't necessary).   Anyway, I want to thank my friend very much for her generosity. We are so grateful...bless you xxx

  Mr A's friend Mehmet will help with the work by doing all the heavy lifting that Mr A can't manage at the moment since his operation.  Here are some "before" photos and hopefully soon we can post the "after" ones.
 Areas to be cemented

Gate to be fixed or replaced (and our bike which needs shelter)

The bike shelter frame in need of completion

Yesterday I travelled by bus over to Didim to visit friends Elizabeth and Valerie. I set off in rain but by the time I arrived the sun was shining and continued to do so for the rest of the day.  We chatted constantly...about dogs...the majority of my friends these days are also obsessed with dogs!  A stroll up to the Temple of Apollo, and a lovely dinner in the evening at a local restaurant (with quite a lot of wine!)., and Elizabeth's friend Isobel joined us..   It was a very enjoyable evening.

I stayed the night at Elizabeth's house and they dropped me back in the village this morning on their way to the airport, armed with bags of goodies, including lots of books, wine, filter coffee. chewsticks for the dogs....and chocolate!  Thankyou my dear friends for a lovely time xxx

The last 24 hours has recharged my batteries and the positive things that have happened this week make me so happy and optimistic.  Onwards and upwards.


As I write this blog I have just received a phone call from Mr A.  He was in Milas and witnessed a dog being hit by a car.   Of course the car didn't stop.  Mr A tried to call our vet in Milas but couldn't get hold of him, so he phoned Steve.  

SuperSteve to the rescue.

They took the dog to the Milas Belediye shelter where he will be treated by the vet.   As you know we don't have much involvement with the Milas shelter.  They have been less than helpful with our village dogs, even though the village comes under the Milas council.  However, this injured dog is a Milas dog, so they had no choice but to take him in and give him the treatment that he needs.

And that's all my news for now.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Another busy week

Mr A has recovered well from his operation.  Although the stitches won't be removed until tomorrow, he is getting about as usual and doing most things as long as he's careful not to lift anything more than 5kg in weight.  I have to keep nagging him about this of course.  Like most men, he doesn't do as he is told.

On Monday he arranged and supervised the collection of Annie from the village to the vet clinic to be spayed.  The op went well and she also had all her vaccinations.   I was asked on Facebook what was wrong with Annie's front legs, and this is the explanation I gave:

They are deformed . Many dogs in Turkey are like this. It can be congenital or more lıkely in the case of street dogs it's nutrıtıonal deficiency. Nothing can be done to rectify this other than breaking and resetting bones, months of physio, special diet.etc, something impossible to consider for a street dog. 

It doesn't cause any problems for her in getting around and is not painful. She has been given some treatment by our vet which will help to strengthen her bones and prevent the condition from getting worse, and we will try to continue if this is necessary (finances permitting).
 The family in the village who are looking after her are feeding her with good dog food, provided by us, and this should of course help to keep her as healthy as possible

 The small injury which our Blondie had on her leg has been treated with antibacterial wound powder and is slowly healing.  One day this week we discovered a small cut on Melek's foot pad.  This has also been treated.  We think she did this on one of the stones in the big dog's area.  This area is to be cemented as soon as possible to make it safe (more about this in a future post).   Just to make sure, we collected antibacterial injections from the vet for both Blondie and Melek.

We decided to have another village dog spayed this week.  A little girl we named Nancy.  She is lovely.  Very affectionate and follows Mr A  around. She can usually be seen sitting at his feet outside the teahouse.  She has already had pups and is about 17 months old.  I have tried sharing her details on Facebook in the hope that we could find a home for her, but as yet this hasn't happened.  She will be placed at the sanayi after her op, where she will be safer than in the centre of the village.
Nancy on her way to the vet clinic

Annie was collected from the clinic on Friday, returned to the people looking after her, and Nancy collected from the village and taken to the clinic.  She had her op yesterday and is doing well. She has also had all vaccinations and will be collected on Monday or Tuesday and taken to the sanayi.

Finally, as Mr A was going out of our gate yesterday, he turned to see Monty, Fistik, Tommy and Timmy all standing together at the top of the balcony steps.  In a split second he snapped this photo with his camera.  One of those rare moments in life that will probably never be captured again.