Monday, 23 March 2015

A new pup and a new home

This week Mr A found a tiny pup in the village.  We're  not sure how old she is but she can't be more than about 6 weeks.

We were desperate to find a home for her.

You will remember that Mr A was in hospital recently  having an operation.  His surgeon happened to be the father of one of Mr A's friends and now he and Mr A have become good friends...even chatting on Facebook!

They have a lot in seems that this lovely man already has six dogs, all rescued from the streets,   Mr A asked him if he would like to give a home to this pup and he said yes.

I called her Milly but wasn't sure whether the doctor would decide on something different but he likes the name.  So Milly it is.

This afternoon he collected Milly to take to her new home.  He will of course get her checked out and vaccinated, and when she is old enough he will have her spayed.

A happy ending for one lucky little girl.

And finally, thanks to donations over the past few days we are well on our way to getting the Paraband collars so desperately needed for the dogs.  Thankyou very much xx


  1. Another successful rescue and rehoming Kerry RC xxxxxx

    1. Yes Kerry. One down...thousands to go! It is very satisfying when it works out like this though xx

  2. I'm so very more given a happy future.

  3. Replies
    1. She is. Looks like a lot of kangal in her...she'll be a big one x


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